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Announced: Swede Fest 11 entry deadline

SwedeFest_11Teaser-01-285x300Would-be film makers: It’s time to pull that cardboard out of recycling, sharpen up the box cutters and get to work on costumes for the next Swede Fest.

You have until May 13 to come up with your take on a film classic for entry into Swede Fest 11. Once again, only the first 20 entries will be accepted, so even though the deadline is two-months out you’ll want to get to work ASAP.

Other stuff to remember: The time limit is 4 minutes, the film must be suitable for all ages and contain no content that violates any law.

If you need some inspiration, check out the festival’s previous entries, or Dumbdrum‘s shot-for-shot remake of the “Pacific Rim” trailer, which is currently getting much-deserved buzz. These guys have elevated the art of the Swede and should be applauded for continuing to push the boundaries of low-budget film making.

Did They Just Say Fresno? Stephen Colbert, KMPH and Kai the homeless hitchhiker – updated with new Kai video

Stephen Colbert jumped into the mania around Kai the homeless hitchhiker with this hilarious take on the man with the hatchet, including a great shout out to Fresno’s KMPH (1:19 mark) for landing the now-famous interview.

For more on Kai, check out this update from KMPH. There’s also apparently a new fundraiser to get Kai a surfboard and wetsuit.

UPDATE: Not sure what the story is behind this video, which was shared in a link to a Kai Facebook page on The Beehive’s Facebook page. NSFW video after the jump:

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‘Twas only a matter of time: Gangnam Style, Fresno style

Judging from “SNL” and what I see on morning news shows, it seems like the viral video sensation “Gangnam Style” — a song from Korean rapper Psy with more than 220 million YouTube views — has now trickled down to the mainstream. So don’t be surprised when your mom asks you about it next week.

Here in Fresno, party rap outfit 2Tallin’ — which is basically our version of LMFAO — has put an English spin on “Gangnam Style. The video, released last Thursday, has more than 11,000 views already. If you dig the 2Tallin’ sound, be sure to catch ‘em at The Standard one week from today.

Here’s a local dancer named The Kidd (aka Murphy Yang) who posted his own “Gangnam Style” dance on YouTube:

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Baeza: Fresno’s newest viral music star

Nineteen-year-old rapper Baeza recently achieved something that no other local artist not named Ryan Beatty has done: Topped one million views on YouTube for his song “Far From Ready,” which was released in December.

Baeza — who is very obviously cut from the Drake cloth — has built a strong fanbase online, mostly of women. Ask Drake, that’s not a bad business model. Baeza says he’s already talking to record labels and prepping future releases. I did a Q & A with him that will appear in Friday’s Fresno Bee. Next This weekend, you can catch Baeza performing a headlining concert (flier below) at Veterans Memoral Auditorium in downtown Fresno.

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Meet Krispy Kreme, the hottest rapper of 2012

Meet young rapper Krispy Kreme, a viral Internet sensation who is being dubbed rap’s Rebecca Black. His first video, “The Baddest,” zoomed past a million views. And his second video, “Haters Wanna Be Me,” has only been up for a day and is already at 150,000+ views. Thanks, in part. of his mean-mugging sidekick Money Maker Mike.

I don’t know that this really is Rebecca Black-ish. There are plenty of unintentionally bad rappers out there. This seems like the opposite. There’s some well-placed comedic know-how at play. (The pool of snot under his nose? Come on, that’s great).

The whole thing kind of reminds of me that Kanye West video that starred Zach Galifianakis. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody like Andy Samberg was ultimately revealed to be behind this. The whole story will certainly emerge. That’s the Internet’s job. For now, let’s all just enjoy Krispy Kreme.

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Make a viral video, bail on Fresno. Thanks, Sarah Blackwood

This post was supposed to be one telling you to go to Fulton 55 tonight to see Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood perform. Supposed to. It’s not anymore. Why? Because Sarah Blackwood bailed on us.

Here’s the story: Her show had been on the calendar at Fulton 55 since November, eagerly promoted by a local lady with a new production company called Poetic Justice. But then, the Internet threw everybody a curve ball. Blackwood joined up with fellow Canuck band Walk Off the Earth for a video that EXPLODED online after being posted Jan. 5. It was making the rounds as “five people, one guitar” and has amassed 25 million YouTube views so far. Damn.

And there went the Fresno date. Blackwood canceled her whole West Coast tour to go do the things people with viral videos do — ya know, make the TV rounds and plot how to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

Here’s a statement from Blackwood:

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