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Victoria Rose in Clovis gets new business with a familiar owner

The sign hasn’t changed yet, but The Old Hotel Bistro & Hearts Delight is open

Old Town Clovis folks are getting excited about the new business taking over the former Victoria Rose Restaurant. The historic hotel and tea house is now home to longtime gift shop Hearts Delight and a restaurant featuring downhome cooking.

Victoria Rose closed in late December, but wasn’t empty for long before Cora and Bill Shipley swooped in. The owners of Hearts Delight and Scoops, Soups & More, the Shipleys have renamed the space The Old Hotel Bistro & Hearts Delight.

They’ve moved Hearts Delight into the building. Now customers walk through two rooms of retail — the same purses, jewelry and little ceramic birdies that Hearts Delight has always sold — to get to the dining room in the back.

The new, smaller dining room is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, serving lunchtime comfort food like meat loaf sandwiches and other hofbrau-style sandwiches, black-eyed peas and corn bread. They’ll also host occasional dinners. The first one is Friday night. The coffee bar will remain and the business will continue to host tea, and baby and bridal showers. You can find out more info on its Facebook page.

Aside from the attachment Clovis residents have to the historic building, there’s also a feeling that “if Cora thinks that it will work, then it will work because she really is a good business woman,” said Carole Lester, head of the Business Organization of Old Town.

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