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Fres-Know: Our fake girlfriend is in great health, thanks for asking

WATCH THIS: New tourism ad for Fresno/Clovis Convention and Visitors Bureau. [YouTube]

TRENDING: Fresno, thanks to CBS 47, is at forefront of “Teoing.” [Huffington Post]

NEWS: Deadline looms in fight about trash outsourcing. [The Bee]

TAKE THIS: Season-end survey for Fresno’s downtown ice rink. [SurveyMonkey]

VINTAGE: Flier of first shows from Fresno’s Cadillac Club. [Facebook]

THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK: “Fresneck” the song. [YouTube]

WTF FRESNO: “Homeless” man tosses urine container in office building. [The Bee]

GOOD NEWS: Valley home prices up in December. [News Blog]

NEW ON THE WEB: The “I Believe in Downtown Fresno” pledge. []

FACEBOOK FIGHT OF THE WEEK: About this ^^^ [Facebook]

DROP THAT CLASS: Fresno State lecturer — with crazy eyes — arrested. [The Bee]

READ THIS: The teacher’s reviews from his students. [Rate My Professor]

YELP REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Vegetarian review of Doghouse Grill. [Yelp]

Did They Just Say Fresno? Conan will save us from bankruptcy

UPDATE: Seems like the city is playing along with Conan. Mayor Ashley Swearengin responded to Conan in a letter, inviting the giant bobblehead to Fresno. Read the entire letter. You can also join the “Bring the Conan Bobblehead to Fresno” Facebook page.

ORIGINAL POST: You might have read the story on A-1 of Tuesday’s Fresno Bee that says Wall Street analysts are worried that Fresno might be the fourth California city heading for bankruptcy. Well, on last night’s episode his late-night talk show, comedian Conan O’Brien rushed to Fresno’s aid. He unveils his plan here:

I realize he’s just joking, but I think a huge Conan bobblehead would be great on the Fulton Mall. A tourist attraction and downtown revitalization all in one shot! Don’t let us down, Conan!

[thanks to Brodiemash for the head’s up]

Fres-Know: Fresno Gold Star Edition


It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.

THE TOWER IS A PLACE FOR TOURISTS: The Tower District (and Fresno) got a two-page spread in the current Sunset Magazine. They shouted the Tower out as a cool daytrip and called it a “hip indie ‘hood brimming with vintage flavor.” And no where did it say “scary,” so take that, rest of the city. [The Fresnan]

SUCK IT, LONG BEACH: Fresno is now officially the fifth biggest city in the state, topping Long Beach. Now we need a beach and a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. [Fresno Bee]

AIN’T FRESNO GREAT? If we may continue drooling over our city, we’ll point you toward a new survey from the Fresno City & County Convention & Visitors Bureau asking people “What’s so special about the Fresno area?” You should fill it out. [Fresno Famous]

PODCAST PIÑATA: The View Looks Good From Here, Fresno podcast turned 1 recently. What do you get a podcast for its birthday? We suggest a piñata. We like alliteration. I’m sure they’d be happy if you just listened though. [TVLGFHF]

IT AIN’T ALL RAINBOWS: A recent trainwreck of a local show has Conlan at FMB ranting about Fresno’s music scene. It’s a good read. [FresnoMagBlog]

Fresno, I’m throwing down a challenge

I’m enamored with this Cleveland “tourism” video I found yesterday. Both H-Mac and I had the same reaction: “We should make one for Fresno.” But we’re neither musically nor videoally inclined. (I’m still trying to figure out if I can make a Swede).

Warning: Language NSFW

But I know we got some film geeks in this town. If you make it, I’ll post it. If you want to not make it, but instead laugh at Cleveland … I’m OK with that.