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Fres-Know: Audra shuts down Tony Awards

The award for best Tony Awards closing number goes to: Neil Patrick Harris and five-time Tony winner (and Fresnan) Audra McDonald in a reworked version of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” [Audra McDonald's Facebook]

Just a Peach: The much-loved Masumoto family’s peaches take center stage with the release Tuesday of their new book, “The Perfect Peach.” [The Bee]

Not a joke: Fresno pair featured on TLC’s “My Teen is Pregnant & So Am I.” [The Bee]

A rotten ranking:  Lots of so-called national surveys that give Fresno low rankings are a little silly. (Remember when we were declared America’s drunkest city?) But a new one from the Trust for Public Land, which lists us as the lowest ranked of the nation’s top 40 cities in terms of citywide parks systems, is just plain sobering. Politicians, are you paying attention? [Atlantic magazine]

Once upon a time: Create your own “Modern Fairytale.” [The Germ]

Signing off: CBS47 anchor and reporter Mike Scott starts his last week before retirement. [Mike Scott on Twitter]

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Observations of a grumpy old man

  • Have you seen “Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs.,” the new TLC reality show starring Pete Rose and his fiance, Kiana? It’s so bad that it’s impossible to decide who’s the biggest boob on the show.
  • There are many youth sports that no longer keep score. The concern is that losing a competition might hurt a child’s self-esteem. Then, why is it still OK to have winners and losers when it comes to youth beauty pageants like those on “Toddlers and Tiaras”? That seems like more of a self-esteem problem than keeping score in a baseball game.
  • One of the celebrities who will be on the ABC reality diving competition show “Spash” is Katherine Webb. No word on whether Brent Musburger will be an announcer on the show.
  • The upcoming feature film “Warm Bodies” is about zombies in love. I thought that was what Kristen Stewart was playing in all those “Twilight” films.
  • Time to place your Super Bowl bets. I’m taking a beer commercial to win by a 2-1 margin, although a car commercial has a good chance of being the champ.

On TV tonight: ‘Craft Wars’

spelling_C.JPG “Craft Wars,” 10 p.m. TLC: Just like me, you probably have been wondering why there hasn’t been a competition show that uses glue guns, glitter and odd pieces of cloth to determine a crafts champion. If you have been thinking that like me, then you have been watching way too much television.

Those of you who are serious about wanting such a show have had your wish come true. “Craft Wars” will do for decoupage what “Top Chef” did for bundt pans.

Tori Spelling, an actress who would probably agree to host a public flogging as long as she was on TV, is the host. She will provide the necessary (?) commentary as contestants — who are at the top of the competitive world of crafting — turn ordinary items into something that will be bedazzling.

Pull out those bags of scraps and thread a needle as you prepare to watch the latest in the unending string of reality competition shows.