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On this day in 1991, Timmy T had a No. 1 hit

Exactly 24 years ago today "One More Try" was number #1 on the Billboard charts with a bullet! Woop woop! #timmyt #onemoretry #1991 #90s #tbt #billboard #throwbackthursday #throwback #freestyleexplosion #iphone #retrorewind #mtv #vh1 #selfie #me #hmu #classicrock #classic

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I realized today that Timmy T. was conspicuously absent from the Grizzlies Fresno Famous Bobblehead contest (round of 16 voting ends 5 p.m. tonight). I say conspicuously, because Timmy T. (real name Timothy Torres) was born and raised in Fresno and was particularly famous for a quick moment in 1991 with his song “One More Try,” which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

On this very day, in fact.

We haven’t mentioned Timmy T. much of the Beehive lately, but he was of particular interest on the site for awhile, especially after rappers Fashawn and Omar Aura gave “One More Try” this awesome (and Fresnocentric) makeover in 2012.

Having a No. 1 single is no small feat, especially one with such a damn catchy chorus. So, my hats off and respect to Timmy T. Click through the jump to see a video of the original track.

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11 more reasons Fresno is the dirtiest city in America

By now, you’ve heard that Forbes ranked Fresno as the dirtiest city in the country, a designation based on air quality and water cleanliness. Ya know, science and stuff. Most Fresnans reacting to this news, however, have been using the ranking as a reason to spout off about how dirty the city is in more visible ways, like litter on the freeway. (And they’ve proven they didn’t actually read the story, way to go, guys!)

Since you Fresnans want the other kinda dirty, and Forbes ain’t measuring that, we at The Beehive have culled together 11 other things that make Fresno dirty. Fair warning: Some of what you’ll find below is a tad NSFW and thus, not fit for clean minds. Oh, the filth. Let’s roll around in it.

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Conan and Fresno: A relationship that just won’t quit

No, last week’s Conan to Fresno message wasn’t the end of The Great Bobblehead Fiasco of 2012â„¢ as I had hoped. In fact, Conan O’Brien was chatting about Fresno again last night in a “Fan Correction” segment where a college student combats Conan’s claim that Fresno slandered him.


Conan’s being a murderer and pervert aside, Honorary Fresnan of the Day college student Ben raises a good point: Fresno did not, in fact, slander Conan. We now demand reparations from Conan in the form of Andy Richter — the real thing, not a bobblehead — as Timmy T’s servant for a day.

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Timmy T gets upset about Conan bobblehead, renounces key to the city

Timmy T — the local crooner who found the No. 1 spot on Billboard with his 1991 hit “One More Try” — isn’t too happy about all the attention the city has given Conan O’Brien and his bobblehead gag. And he’s doing something in protest: giving up the key to the city he was given back in ’91.

I realize this sounds like it could be some fake new story from The Onion, but it’s not. Those of you who follow The Beehive know that Timmy T has become something of an Internet jester in recent years, so this all could be some attention-grab for him. Whatever his motivation, the Facebook posts are priceless:


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Fashawn’s ‘One More Try’ … the greatest Fresnocentric song ever?

I’m probably just a prisoner of the moment on this one, but current Fresno rap king Fashawn just dropped a new hometown anthem featuring Omar Aura and did something so brilliant I don’t know why it hadn’t been done before.

He rapped over Timmy T’s 1991 chart-topper “One More Try,” creating a song that overdoses on Fresnawesomeness. I’m not going to lie, I totally marked out when the beat came in. Even the artwork for “One More Try” is great. Listen to or download the song below. (Warning: NSFW language)

Well done, Fash, well done.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

In addition to — long list ahead — the Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival, the “Firefall” premiere, Bei Maejor’s show tonight, Saturday’s walking tour of downtown and a conversation with the authors of that controversial new book about the Valley.

It’s going to be hot this weekend. You can get all angry about it and whine on Twitter. Or you can go drink and be merry. Saturday is the first ever Fresno Tequila and Mezcal Expo and Sunday is the annual Celebration of Wine — it’s year No. 30, actually. And if you’re hungry, consider the Serbian Food Festival. They all beat bitchin’ about the heat.


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Jaywalking in Fresno: A Timmy T exposé

A couple weeks back, we talked about how Fresno’s favorite one-hit-wonder Timmy T and his wife Mia Torres have turned into a prolific video-making duo.

For the latest in their “Like It or Lump It” video series, they hit the streets for a hard-hitting look at the pesky jaywalkers of Fresno. Mia even puts her own safety at risk to live like a jaywalker, and as you’ll see, it was an expletive-inducing experience.

While it didn’t happen during this video, Fresno PD did have a recent crackdown on jaywalkers — citing 163 people one day last week.

Timmy T grows his online ‘empire’

If you thought Timmy T was just kickin’ back enjoying the Fresno heat these days, counting that “One More Try,” money, reveling in the 20-year anniversary of his song hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Pop charts, you’d be sorely mistaken.

From his throne as Fresno’s favorite son (sorry, K-Fed, if you came to visit once in a while …), Timmy has been quite busy doing ummm, stuff, on the internet. Yeah, “stuff” is the best word for it. You might recall his fondness for oversharing on Twitter and him trying to be a local reality show star.

Nowadays, he’s really putting in work on his YouTube channel, releasing lots of videos, most of them starring his model/actress wife Mia Torres. They’ve also got a dizzying Facebook group with 20,000 people in it. Timmy is becoming the Rupert Murdoch of Fresno — and I’m sure Mia would take a pie to the face for him.

The crux of a lot of their work is a woman-on-the-street show called “Like It or Lump It,” where Mia visits businesses and events and interviews people. Here’s one at local eatery Mama Mia. Watch out, Taste Fresno.

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

When you’re not eating deep-fried fair food

Have your heard? The Fresno Monsters — our new upstart hockey team — are 7-0. They’re also in town this weekend. Tonight, they take a page out of the Grizzlies playbook, with a zany promo. It’s mullet night and if you have a mullet (real or fake) you get in for $5.


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Vote Famous: Fresno’s version of The Hills?

Vote Famous is a local reality show featuring Timmy T and a lady named Kat. They go around to different places in town, sometimes giving them awards, other times just shamelessly advertising. Along the way hilarity is supposed to ensue as we see scripted arguments, odd drama and random flirting.

The Fresnan dug out the first video in April. Today, Travis Sheridan found another video. And, lucky me, I just found two more. Let’s all stare in awe at our version of “The Hills.”

In this episode, Timmy T’s wife is going getting a tattoo and he goes on a rampage.

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When Twitter tells you things you don’t want to know

Yesterday Tweet-hating H-Mac showed me a hilarious Web site called Things You Should Not Twitter. It’s pretty much what you’d guess: People Tweeting about sex, porn and drugs. I thought to myself how, for the most part, my Twitter feed doesn’t give me TMI.

Then this morning, I saw this:


Thanks, Timmy T, thanks a bunch. I’ll let you have One More Try, but if this happens again, I’m blockin’ yer ass.

The Beehive’s Totally Tubular Tea Party


As you probably know by now, people from Fresno and the greater central San Joaquin Valley are gathering today for the Central Valley Tea Party, a protest about over-taxation by sore losers.

For you tax-paying working stiffs who can’t make it over to the Save Mart Center to party with the Glenn Beck mafia KMJ, we at The Beehive have decided to throw our own Tea Party. Like the in-person event, ours is also dedicated to giving a voice to the right people.

So, teabaggers Beehive readers, we ask that you make yourselves heard in The Beehive’s Totally Tubular Tea Party. We’ve outlined below what we believe to be the most important issues facing us in these troubling times and encourage you to sound off.

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