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Donald’s weekend picks


We’ve done a lot of 7 cover stories in my day, but you’ve never seen a center spread like this: 40 photos of one actor, all with different expressions. Forty is the number of characters — some substantial, some conveyed in just a glance — that Terry Lewis plays in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play. (Bee artist John Alvin did the design.) I had an opportunity to interview playwright Doug Wright in advance of the StageWorks Fresno production, which opens tonight. [Details]

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Let’s hear it for chamber music


It turns out February is a very good month for chamber music fans. There have been some great concerts already, and this weekend features some good prospects as well.

I wrote a hefty column last Sunday about three of the Fresno biggies when it comes to the chamber music scene: Orpheus, Moment Musical and Musica Viva. I do realize that chamber music has a pretty narrow draw and likely always will, so I understand if you choose to glaze right past this post, but if there’s one thing about chamber music I wanted to get across in my column, it’s this:

There’s a tremendous variety. You can go to a concert filled to the brim with Haydn and Mozart one night, then settle in to a raucous zydeco-and-blues set the next.

One best bet this weekend is a 3 p.m. Sunday performance of the Calidore String Quartet at Visalia’s Main Street Theatre.

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