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Observations from a grumpy old man

  • Bakersfield now has a radio station that plays only comedy programming. This week’s featured comedian is Jeff Dunham. That’s right, a ventriloquist is the featured artist on radio. That’s like enjoying the works of Justin Bieber by only reading the lyrics to his songs.
  • Because Khloe Kardashian Odom is a co-host on “The X Factor,” the Fox reality show now has a “Why factor?”
  • Disney has purchased Lucasfilms and will produce new “Star Wars” movie in 2015. Suggested titles: “Star Wars: The Disney Empire Strikes New Deal”; “Star Wars: Return of the Merchandising”; or “Star Wars: A New Hope for More Profits.”
  • Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk was arrested in Illinois after allegedly driving his truck into the middle of a corn field. His defense: if they build it, he will come.
  • Megan Fox is threatening to sue the party who used Photoshop to put her head on a nude body. She says that’s not her naked body. You can see the defense now — prove it.

On TV tonight: ‘The X Factor’

xfactor.JPG “The X Factor,” 8 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1): It seems like only 10 years ago that this new music competition show started this first season. But, it’s only been a few months. Either way, “The X Factor” has finally reached the finale as the winner of the $5 million Sony Music Record Deal grand prize will be announced tonight.

Melanie Amaro, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik sang their hearts out Wednesday and now all they can do is wait to see if they have the “X Factor” (whatever that is) or will go the way of so many “American Idol” winners.

Because this is a two-hour finale and it takes only about 10 seconds to announce the winner, the rest of the program Justin Bieber, Leona Lewis, Pitbull, Ne-Yo and others will perform.