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Is this the worst Santa you’ve ever seen?

Wee Mike Oz had the rosiest cheeks and a smile on his face when Mommy took him to see Santa way back in 1983 (ish). He probably asked for a Power Wheel. Or some G.I. Joe’s. Or whatever else pre-schoolers wanted back then.

When grown-man Mike Oz found this picture last year, he had to wonder what Mom was thinking. This guy passed for Santa?!? And someone let me sit on his lap?!? Maybe it was the times. Maybe all Santas looked drunk and downtrodden in the early 80s.

This weekend’s Santacon (Saturday night in the Tower District) got me to thinking about horrible Santas. More than likely — at a pub crawl where participants dress in Santa costumes — you’re going to see some things that wouldn’t fly in the mall. You might see Santa making out with some ho-ho-hos, barfing in the bushes or dancing to LMFAO songs.

So here’s the question: Has anybody encountered a worst Santa than this guy? If you have a pic, great, post a link. If not, use your words and make us all feel the disgust oozing off the page.