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Susan Sarandon feels deep connection

Most of the time, my interviews with celebrities tend to talk about the mechanics of making their latest movie or TV show. You aren’t going to see a lot of reporting from me about who someone’s dating or how much they spent for their new home or if they even have a favorite color.

The way I look at it is that readers want a little behind-the-scenes information and that’s generally the focus of my questions.

Then a movie like “Cloud Atlas” comes along. There’s no way to talk about it in traditional terms because the movie tackles some very lofty issues about reincarnation. If you haven’t seen it, “Cloud Atlas” looks at six different stories over a 500 year span where the same group of actors play roles in each time period as a way of showing that a life force continues long after a body has died.

That’s why I found myself talking to Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon about her views on reincarnation. I’ve interviewed her plenty times before but this was one of the heaviest discussion we ever had.

“Energy can’t be destroyed,” Sarandon says. “When you see someone that you’ve lost and they are no longer in that body, you can see whatever that spark was is no longer there. Where does it go? I don’t know but I agree with Kurt Vonnegut in this idea that there are people who come into your life, people that you don’t foresee coming into your life, that serve a purpose that you aren’t aware of.

“You must me flexible and take advantage of these people that you draw to you.”

Sarandon had such a feeling with her children especially when her daughter, actress Eva Amurri, was only 3 and asked “When did I chose you for my mother?” Sarandon believes that there was some connection between her and her children from before they were born.

Deep thoughts.