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To-Do Tonight: Viper City Brass Band


Viper City Brass Band is a way cool local group that we don’t get to see all too often these days. The band plays the brassy funk of New Orleans, and does so with some of Fresno’s best musicians.

Part of the reason, we don’t see a whole lot of Viper City shows? Some of the members are off in other cities these days. But tonight’s show at The Landmark is a brass band reunion, including former Fresnans such as Nate Ketner and Sam Rocha who are home for the holidays.

The music starts after Fresno Pub Quiz — for the smarty pants’ amongst us. That oughta be around 10 p.m. There’s no cover.

To-Do Tonight: A taste of New Orleans brass


Feeling funky, Fresno? Then head down to The Landmark this evening, where Viper City Brass Band is playing with a special guest — ex-Fresnan Jason Jurzak.

Jurzak, who now resides in the musical wonderland of New Orleans, was an original member of Viper City Brass Band before moving. In New Orleans, he plays with well-known brass band Bonerama.

Viper City Brass Band plays the brassy funk that originated New Orleans. The band features a number of well-traveled local musicians who also play in groups such as 40 Watt Hype, Los Hooligans and Let’s Go Bowling.

The show starts at 10 p.m. — it’s like the Pub Quiz afterparty — and is free to attend.

To-Do Tonight: Fresno Pub Quiz turns 1

Pop quiz: When did Fresno Pub Quiz debut? The answer is 364 days ago, on Jan. 13, 2010. So tonight, the weekly trivia night at The Landmark is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

If you’re not familiar with how FPQ works: It’s $5 per person to play. Teams of up to six are allowed, so bring some smart friends. There are four rounds, each starting with a music clip you have to identify and then questions about everything from art history to soccer. The team with the most points at the end has a chance at winning some cash. Be sure to get there early to register your team.


To-Do Tonight: Fat Tuesday in Fresno


It’s Fat Tuesday, so you know the parties are aplenty. As is usually the case, expect the Tower District to be hopping with activity. Party people will be walking up and down the Olive Avenue like they think they’re on Bourbon Street — and Fresno PD will be watching closely, so be on your best behavior.

Spots such as Palomino’s, Veni Vidi Vidi, Starline and Sequoia Brewing Co. all have entertainment planned. There’s DJs and club fare at most places, but if you’re looking for New Orleans-style Dixieland jazz, then head over to Sequoia, which has the Blue Street Jazz Band. Also noteworthy is Sweet Virginia, a Rolling Stones tribute band, playing at Landmark.

For the rest of what’s happening in town, check out the fliers below:

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That’s a Lot to Taste


With only three hours to hit all the Taste & Toast of the Tower spots on Thursday night, it’s time to prioritize. See the map on the right for all the eats and drinks.

And if you haven’t bought your $15 ticket yet, head to Grandmarie’s Chicken Pie Shop, Irene’s Cafe, The Landmark, Livingstone’s, Sequoia Brewing Co. and The Tower Theatre. (Wine glass included.)

Need more info? Call (559) 497-8362.