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Hurricane Sandy: the Internet is lying to you

Amid the destruction that Hurricane Sandy has unleashed on the East Coast, it’s also responsible for a lot of misinformation being passed around the Internet by people rubber-necking the storm via social media.

Here in Fresno, we go outside and see sunny skies and 80-degree temperatures. So when your mom shares something on Facebook that she got from someone she knew 20 years ago, it’s easy to believe it’s legit. We can’t just look out the window and know better. Besides, when did Mom ever lie to you?

However, many of the pictures getting passed most frequently are, at worst, totally Photoshopped or, at best, being used in the wrong context. This includes the original version of the now meme-ized pic above. The original, with a sky from Nebraska looking down ominously at Lady Liberty, is still the first thing that comes up in a Google Images search for “Hurricane Sandy.”

The pic of guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Also not entirely true. That photo was taken in September — but soldiers are guarding it. The Atlantic and Mashable both have good photo-fact-checking collections, if you want sort the real from the fake.

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Watch Fresno’s Google Fiber video pitch

As we told you yesterday, Fresno submits its proposal to Google this afternoon, saying why we should be the test market for its ultra high-speed Google Fiber Internet service.

Part of it is this eight-minute video pitch with local leaders explaining why Fresno is a great fit for Google. It also includes a bunch of the community pictures and videos generated online. The video is quite impressive, if you ask me. Bravo to all involved in it.

Remember, there’s a rally today at 1 p.m. at City Hall. Bring signs!

A new study released this morning ranks Fresno fourth among cities making noise online about Google Fiber. We were No. 6 last week. The study says our online presence has increased 174%. Duluth, MN leads and Grand Rapids, Mich. is second.

- See more of Fresno’s pitch at
- Join the 8,700+ fans on Facebook.
- Nominate Fresno — you have until tomorrow.
– Add yourself to the Google Fiber for Fresno interactive map.

Rally for Google Fiber on Thursday


The City of Fresno is officially submitting its Google Fiber application on Thursday and there’s a corresponding rally at City Hall at 1 p.m. People are encouraged to bring their “I Want My Google Fiber” signs. One person will get picked to hit the “submit” button.

Fresno’s Google Fiber campaign has picked up a lot of steam since we last talked about. The Facebook page has more than 8,500 fans, which is not only one of the biggest for any city, but it’s also the largest Fresno-related page or group on Facebook.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are some of the cool videos that people in the community have made for the Fiber Fresno effort:

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If you see a blogger on crutches, you better move out the way

I’ve always wanted to have a blog that called out people who don’t know how to park their cars. I’d post pictures of how crappily people park so we could all laugh at them, thus quelling the urge to actually key their car.

Today I encountered an even better calling-out-lame-ass-people blog. It’s called (get ready for this mouthful) People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches. Aside from perhaps the longest blog name, I’ve ever heard, PWSITDSWISOMC also provides us with pictures of the offenders, should you want kick them in the knees: