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Will Dumb Drum swede “The Interview?”


UPDATE: Dumb Drum’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” swede is up now. Watch it here or click through to the jump.

Kase Wickman, a writer over at MTV news (the dot com site), had a novel idea for those upset with Sony for delaying or refusing to release the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy “The Interview.”

The suggestion: Swede the film.

As we know, Fresno is arguably the Swede capital of the world (arguably, in that no one will likely contest the fact). The city has its own festival dedicated to the form.

It’s also the HQ for Dumb Drum, the guys behind all those awesome shot-for-shot trailers recreations (Wickman linked to Dumb Drum’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer in his post).

If anyone were to tackle something like this (and get the viral hyper buzz that follows), it seems like Dumb Drum would be the guys.

Both Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez have hinted at the possibility online. They may even have a script.

So, will Dumb Drum swede “The Interview?”

“Kinda depends on if anything new comes from Sony about distribution,” Harley says. If the company decides to release the film, they’re probably hold off on doing a swede.

If not, then there’s something to talk about.

First, the team will finish up work on its “Star Wars: Episode VII” trailer, which they’ve been teasing online with pictures like this.

That swede should be out by Wednesday, Harley says.

In the meantime, click through to the jump to see the sweded version of the trailer for “Pacific Rim.”

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Call for entries: Swede Fest 14


Organizers of Fresno’s Swede Fest have opened submissions for the fourteenth edition of the low- or no-budget parody film festival, taking place 5 p.m. Nov. 23 at the Tower Theatre.

The announcement comes just in time for Halloween, which means you may have your costuming done. That’s two birds with one stone.

For consideration in the festival, films must be no longer than four minutes and suitable for all ages and entered by 11:59 p.m. Nov. 17.

Swede Fest, is an internationally known festival loosely based on Michael Gondry’s 2008 film “Be Kind Rewind,” and spawned several satellite festivals on the East Coast. A “sweded” film is a summarized recreation of a popular movie. It takes the best (and often the worst) of Hollywood and combines it with the creativity and ingenuity of the biggest film fans. The results can be epic, as in the case of Dumb Drum’s series of scene-for-scene movie-trailer recreations.

Swede Fest is free and open to all ages thanks to the generous sponsorship of Fresno Filmworks, The Tower Theatre and Geekwise Academy.

Check out previous festival submissions.

Swedies: Swede Fest XIII awards

SF13_Flyer_OL_FINALSwede Fest’s held its 13th installment last weekend at the Tower Theatre. While the semi-annual celebration of sweded films has never been keen on actual judging (it would pretty much go against everything the festival stands for), The Beehive has made it habit to hand out awards for what we see as the best of the fest.

You can see all the entries at Swede Fest site.

Winners receive their names in this post (great for the EPKs) and the knowledge that they left me (and probably the rest of the viewers) totally inspired.

And the Swedies go to:

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The Swedies: Swede Fest XII awards

1292850_10151576155731595_1138219569_oSwede Fest XII (that’s 12 for those who don’t count in Rocky numerals) happened this weekend at the Tower Theatre. It was a packed house.

While the semi-annual celebration of sweded films isn’t actually judged, The Beehive has made it habit to hand out awards for what we see as the best of the fest. You can see all the entries at Swede Fest site. Winners receive their names in this post (which they can feel free to link on IMDB) and my sincerest admiration (seriously, the efforts are inspiring).

And the Swedies go to:

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Announced: Swede Fest 12 is Nov. 9

1292850_10151576155731595_1138219569_oGet our your cardboard and your Flip Cam because Swede Fest 12 is taking place 6 p.m. Nov. 9 at the Tower Theater. If you don’t know about the festival (which was the first of its kind), here’s a quick summary from the organizers.

Swede Fest gives everyone who participates the unforgettable experience of seeing their work on the big screen. A “sweded” film is a summarized, low-budget recreation of a popular movie, starring you! “Sweding” takes the best and worst movies that come out of Hollywood and combines them with the creativity and ingenuity of their greatest fans.

Entries for the festival are being accepted now through 11:59 p.m. Nov. 4. Film enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to submit. Films must be no longer than four minutes and suitable for all ages.

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Swede Fest + “Be Kind Rewind,” May 19

SwedeFest11-PosterHere is a Swede Fest two-for-one.

  • Fresno’s favorite low- (or no) budget film festival, Swede Fest, returns to the Tower Theatre 6 p.m. May 19. For those not familiar, this is the only film festival dedicated to sweded films. A “sweded” film is a summarized recreation of a Hollywood movie using friends as actors (and directors and camera people). Homemade props and costumes are also encouraged. This will be the festival’s 11th installment.
  • Before the festival, Fresno Filmworks will present a special screening of “Be Kind Rewind,” the 2008 film that inspired the whole “sweding” movement. Tickets are $5 and are available in advance at the Tower Theatre box office or the Filmworks website. Admission to Swede Fest is free.
  • If you are interest in submitting a film, entries are being accepted through May 13. You have until 11:59 p.m. Films should be under four minutes in length and suitable for all ages. Contact organizers for more information on the event, rules for submission or to see entries from past Swede Fests.

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Swede Fest creators get called out

17d3c3a185f4565ef7062c8442469080It was a big weekend for Roque Rodriguez and Bryan Harley.

Locally, the guys behind Fresno’s Swede Fest were featured as a Hidden Gem in The Bee’s annual People’s Choice Awards. They also attended Wondercon down in  Anaheim, where they got serious props from none other than director Guillermo Del Toro, who specifically mentioned their sweded trailer of “Pacific Rim” during his panel. He also posed for a picture and invited them to the film’s premiere.


Congratulations. It’s great to see these guys getting the attention they deserve.

Fres-Know: We’re the people’s champ

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than seeing George Lopez, checking the Tri-Tip cook off, heading down to the Kingsburg’s Swedish Festival or Benefiting the Watsons

Since this is Fresno and it could be 100 degrees by next weekend, enjoy our “spring” as long as you can. One thing to do in that vein is Saturday’s Spring Fling — it’s a new party with a Springtini-type approach. There’s food, drinks, a fashion show and live music. Notably: Shiver Fox is playing its first gig back at home since playing SXSW and spending a few months recording in Nashville.


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ROGUE REVIEW: Rogue Film 2010


The idea of having to sit through the work of a group of amateur filmmakers seemed like a punishment. Generally, these short projects tend to lack originality as the filmmakers just copy their directing influences or write scripts only they find interesting. The two longer form presentations at the Rogue Film Festival about a suicide attempt and a swede of “Steel Magnolias” do little to dispel those thoughts.

What makes this a must see event are the 12 short political remix films. These satirical snippets take footage from news reports, TV broadcasts and films and twists them into smart and funny political jabs. Its similar to the work Michael Moore was doing when he still had a filmmaking hunger. The shorts touch on topics such as water conservation, oil, war and politics. The filmmakers deliver their political punches with such finesse you won’t see them coming until they slap you in the face.

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Besides checking out the Swede Fest, the Creative Blender and Exene Cervenka, all of which we also recommend:

1. THROW UP THE ROC: You should already know by now — Jay-Z is in town on Saturday night, his first ever Fresno concert, and one of only two Cali concerts he’s doing this year. It oughta be fresh. You can read more about Jay-Z, and why he matters beyond just rap, in this story from today’s paper. I also did an interview with his young protégé J. Cole, who is one of the show’s openers along with Wale and N.E.R.D.


Afterward, don’t forget that the afterparty at Aqua Shi should be hopping too — with Jay-Z’s DJ Neil Armstrong spinning.

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Win tickets to Swede Fest 4

I’m pretty psyched about Saturday’s Swede Fest. I’ve heard a couple secrets about swedes that will be screened. I’m not going to leak those, because it’s all meant to be a surprise — but let me just say, this sounds like the most awesome Swede Fest yet.

You might have even seen Fresno’s Swede heroes, Brodiemash and Bryan, on KMPH’s “Great Day” this morning. Hopefully there’s a big turnout for this Fresno original.

The Beehive, of course, wants you to be at the Swede Fest on Saturday, so we’re trying to hook you up with a chance to get in for free. Details and official rules after the jump …

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The Swedies: 2009 Swede Fest awards


It’s the event that the Fresno Swede community has been waiting for — The Beehive’s Swedies. OK, that’s a total lie. You didn’t even know we were doing these awards. But we just thought it sounded cooler if we said everyone was waiting.

While the Fresno blogosphere is still buzzing about Saturday’s Swede Fest, we are taking on the unofficial duty of recognizing the Swede Fest’s best and brightest. The winners, get this, will have their names in a Beehive post.

- Best Picture: “La Bamba — Sweded,” by Vince Cosentino
- Best Actor: Will Albritton, “A Few Swede Men”
- Best Actress: Brittany Stapleton, “Interview With a Vampire Sweded”
- Best Supporting Actor: Jimmy Cosentino, “La Bamba — Sweded.”
- Best Supporting Actress: Whoever was Donna in “La Bamba”
- Best Director: Bryan Harley, “Signs (Sweded)”
- Best Cinematography: Roque Rodriguez, “The Fast & The Furious (Sweded)”
- Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay: “A Few Swede Men,” Josh & Will Are Idiots.
- Best Writing – Original Screenplay: Travis Sheridan, “The Office: Swine Flu.”
- Best Film Editing: Roque Rodriguez, “A Few Swede Men”
- Best Visual Effects: Travis Sheridan, “The Office: Swine Flu.”
- Best Costume Design: “Signs (Sweded)”

Feel free to give your own “people’s choice awards” in the comments after watching the films below.

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Stuff We Like: John West, Swede Festival, ArcHop

Soulful singer/songwriter John West is back in Fresno tonight — and once again it’s last-minute style and once again it’s at Palomino’s. Here’s a flier with some details:


Meanwhile, in another always-popular topic around here –here’s some details on the next Fresno Swede Festival. If you want to learn everything there is to know about Swedes, go see festival hosts The Dumb for a tutorial.

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