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ArtHop at The Bee: a chat with the Beehive’s S.W. Parra

Fresno Unified, tentative agreement

Psst … you should see how hard SW Parra has been working on his upcoming ArtHop show at The Fresno Bee. The Bee’s award-winning editorial cartoonist has been scurrying around for weeks making sure this ArtHop is extra special. He’s had the artwork up for a week now — but each piece is cleverly covered, so even employees will have to wait until 5 p.m. Thursday for the big event.

We caught up with SW — or, as we call him in the office, Steve/Steven/Cool Artist Guy — to chat about this exciting show from the award-winning editorial cartoonist.

Question: Do you remember your first editorial cartoon? What was the subject?

My first editorial cartoon was drawn for my Mom. It was in 1969 and I was seven years old. It was something to do with Richard Nixon.

How many editorial cartoons are featured in the show, and what years do they cover? Do you have a favorite?

There may be 50 to 60 sketches, original drawings and prints in the show including one that is 4 feet x 5 feet that guests can actually pose inside of and Instagram or Tweet a selfie. The show includes a copy of a cartoon that published back in November 1998 but mostly the range is during the last 14 years.

A favorite? That’s tough. It might be the broken pencil held together with a rubber band — a metaphor for the much embattled and heavily challenged Fresno Unified School District.

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0820-googledood_full_600Every day I have some reason to ‘Google’ and on each day the logo is specialized by the talents of graphic designers and artists that work there. Today is no exception as they pay homage to American graphic designer  and Oscar winning filmmaker Saul Bass, known for the design of motion picture title sequences and film posters. Enjoy your Google search today.

CAPTION THIS: Thanks y’all …

Just a quick note of thanks to all my friends and CAPTION THIS colleagues. I’ve been having fun trying to bring you a scribble worth a grin. Meanwhile, I also have the opportunity to share my other thoughts on The Bee’s editorial pages.

So, I am pleased to announce that some of my work has been included in the
Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year annual.  It should be available in bookstores soon or  online:

 P.S. More scribbles on Monday!