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Picks for tonight’s scorching ArtHop

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I’ve already told you about Marcos Dorado’s farewell exhibit at Peeve’s and editorial cartoonist SW Parra’s fun show at The Fresno Bee. Here are some more picks for ArtHop:

Los Angeles artist Oscar Magallanes will be in town for an exhibition of his work, which Arte Americas executive director Frank Delgado describes as “seriously powerful and large scale.” From Magallanes’ bio:

Magallanes was raised in the Azusa barrio. His artwork is influenced by the cultural and social elements of his upbringing. After a troubled youth at the age of fifteen, he was expelled from high school but was accepted into the Ryman Arts program which he credits with encouraging him to become a professional artist. Magallanes’ work which is primarily of wood panels is used as a vehicle to allow the viewer to gain insight of societal injustices and further understanding of diverse cultures and struggles on even the subtle level and in this way pay homage to the journey he has traveled.

Also at Arte: Jeannette Herrera, an acrylic/oil painter, has had work featured at the  San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, the New Mexico Museum of Art and Chimmaya Gallery in Los Angeles. She writes:

After an attack in 2004 I recovered from a skull fracture and sending attacker to prison for 7 years. I started to paint again and have found it to be the only therapy that works for me.

Both shows continue through Aug. 17. Pictured above: a work by Oscar Magallanes.

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Light and sky at Fresno’s Spectrum Art Gallery

In Friday’s 7 section, I feature two exhibitions at Spectrum Art Gallery: Sally Stallings’ “Everyday, the Light” and Virginia Wilson’s “Against the Sky.” From my review:

Sunlight is the great equalizer. You can live in a mansion or a shack, but a shaft of sunlight streaming through a window is the same the world over: clean, bracing, bright, even hypnotic.

The exhibition runs through April 27.

ArtHop picks

I’ve already told you about the Jerry “Zits” Scott exhibition at 1821 Gallery & Studios — the “celebrity” show of the evening. Here are a few more picks on a busy ArtHop evening:


FIRST LADY FRENZY: A set of portraits of the first ladies of the United States is featured at Fresno City Hall. All but one of the paintings are by famed portrait artist Lawrence Williams, known for his depictions of U.S. presidents and other world leaders.


The collection was donated to the Fresno County Office of Education by the late Joe Levy, chairman of Gottschalks, the former Fresno-based department store chain. Levy purchased the set from Williams, who died in 2003 before the election of President Obama. To round out the collection, the education office commissioned a painting of Michelle Obama by local artist Ma Ly.

The exhibition, which continues through April, is co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Fresno. Tonight’s ArtHop reception includes a 6 p.m. program featuring league member and Fresno State professor Diane Blair, right, an authority on first ladies.

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Tonight: ArtHop

PamGalvani_Green on blue

The word of the night for ArtHop: Seattle.

That’s where Gallery 25 is taking viewers in “Here and There,” an exchange exhibition with the Shift gallery of Seattle. The Fresno show features works from 13 participating Shift members. Like Gallery 25, Shift is an artist-run gallery featuring members working in a variety of media. The show includes printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting and mixed-media. I write about the exchange show in today’s Life section.

Fresno artists will get some outside exposure, too: Fifteen of them are represented at Shift, where the exhibition opens tonight as part of Seattle’s “First Thursday” event.

At Gallery 25, a curating committee decided how the Seattle artists’ work should be shown. Above: Pam Galvani’s “Green on Blue.” After the jump: some photos of members hanging the exhibition earlier this week. (Also after the jump: a couple more ArtHop picks as well.)

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My ArtHop picks


Prepare for a big, boisterous ArtHop tonight. Though temperatures are still high, September marks the start of the “fall season” — see Beehiver Traci’s seasonal pumpkin latte explanation (she’s already had 22 of them at Starbucks this week) — and lots of big art shows are planned.

Some picks:

Dixie Salazar, pictured above, gets the big-story treatment in today’s Life section. Bee writer Angel Moreno takes a look at Salazar’s “Interconnections” exhibition, which continues through Sunday at Arte Americas. (Bee photo by Craig Kohlruss.)


– A show by local powerhouse artist Barbara Van Arnam is always a big deal. Her solo Gallery 25 exhibition “Yggdrasil: The Norse Tree of Life” uses Old Norse mythology as an inspiration. Earthen materials transform strange and legendary characters into new forms that embody all cultures’ essence and spirit. These figures speak to the essential power of Nature, the common thread that weaves our story through time. Hours update: The gallery is usually open noon-4 p.m. Fridays-Sundays. Van Arnam is adding Thursday hours, same times, during the show’s run through Sept. 29.

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Tonight: ArtHop

December’s ArtHop is always a festive affair. And it can be a great way to shop for Christmas gifts. Both Gallery 25 and Fig Tree Gallery use the occasion to exhibit all-members shows, in which you get a taste of what lots of different artists have to offer.

I offer some ArtHop picks in Thursday’s Life section, including the members shows at Gallery 25 and Fig Tree. (Pictured below is Lylia Carr’s mixed-media piece “Winter” at Gallery 25.)

I also highlight a show by Paul Mullins at K-Jewel Art Gallery. It sounds as if the gallery will be a festive place to be, with entertainment by the City Singers and Brass Ensemble from Fresno City College. I’m even told that each visitor who walks through the door will get a slice of sweet potato pie. (Though one of my editors was curious about that menu selection: Is that considered a holiday dessert? K-Jewel folks, can you fill us in?)

On the jump: a couple more pieces of art you can see tonight. Feel free to leave a comment on this post saying where you’re planning to “Hop” tonight.


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‘Splash’ into ArtHop

Jill Ellingson-.JPG

If it’s August, it must be time for William Raines’ annual invitational “Splash” show at Corridor 2122. The theme this year is “Home.” Raines selected works from 13 artists across the country for the show, which kicks off Thursday night with an ArtHop reception. Raines writes about the show:

Home is represented by both its exterior and interior through a cross section of social layers within the ideal of neighborhood. How do we express community, urban blight, belonging, security and suburban flight while believing in the American Dream of home ownership? A home is typically a place where people and ideas gather and find shelter, a place where sociability is rehearsed and reproduced. How, then, do we house the social?

I highlight “Splash” in my roundup of ArtHop picks in Thursday’s Life section. Another show that gets some ink is Cynthia Cooper’s “The Tower Tribes — A Rat’s Eye View” at Spectrum Art Gallery. More on that show — and a shout-out for The Art House, a new ArtHop venue — after the jump, along with still more picks.

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A glamorous show

Every year, Spectrum Art Gallery brings in an out-of-town exhibition. You won’t want to miss this year’s offering, “Photographs from the Willem Photographic Gallery,” which is in its opening weekend at the gallery. This crowd pleaser of a show emphasizes some of the best fashion, glamour and portrait photography of both past and present.

The owner of the Willem gallery, Brooke Gabrielson, a Sanger native, will give a gallery talk at a reception 5-8 p.m. Saturday.

I have a review of the show in Friday’s 7 section. In my piece, I contrast two works in the show taken of the same subject by different photographers. They’re both stunning depictions of the high-fashion model Nadja Auermann. Here’s the first by Patrick Demarchelier:

Nadja ny.JPG

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Thursday: ArtHop

A few recommendations for what promises to be a bustling ArtHop, the monthly open house of galleries and studios in the downtown and Tower District neighborhoods:

As you’d expect, several venues are running with the Valentine’s theme. (Hearts get their own month, it seems.) The Chris Sorensen Studio features the juried show “Art from the Heart,” with winners announced during ArtHop. The work pictured below is from Debra Cooper Havens, a resident artist at the studio. Proceeds from the sale of Havens’ work will go toward funding Fresno Fire and Metal, an industrial art school founded by the artist. The school is “a non-profit educational facility that seeks to offer both fine and industrial arts instruction to youth and adults with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices and providing scholarships to under-privileged youth,” according to its website.


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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop


In Thursday’s Life section I offer some picks for tonight’s ArtHop, the monthly open house of studios and galleries in the downtown and Tower District areas. Top on my list is Ramiro Martinez’s Anvil Gallery & Studio, which has just opened in Manchester Center mall — an unlikely spot for an ArtHop venue. From my story:

The gallery is the first of its kind in the shopping center, but Martinez says he doesn’t feel artistically lonely. He hopes that more galleries will follow.

“It’s a way to bring more art to a community that normally doesn’t have a lot of art around them,” he says. The artist, a familiar name at Arte Américas, already has noticed more daytime foot traffic at his new location, something he says invigorates his own creative process. People wander in to look at the art and watch him if he’s working on a painting.

It’s an interesting location for a new gallery, and an exciting one. Can you imagine if three or four galleries joined Martinez’s to create a nice little ArtHop destination? It could become a new unlikely hot spot.

Also on my picks list: Ed Gillum’s show at Spectrum Art Gallery; and exhibitions by Barbara Van Arnam and Nanete Maki-Dearsan at Gallery 25. What are your ArtHop plans tonight?

On the jump: details about Anvil Gallery’s official opening on Saturday, plus more ArtHop images.

Bee photo / Mark Crosse

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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop


There’s a busy ArtHop in store tonight. The monthly open house of galleries and studios in the downtown and Tower District neighborhoods runs from 5-8 p.m. at most locations.

I give my ArtHop picks in an expanded story in today’s Life section. My lead pick: a show featuring six local illustrators at the K-Jewel Art Gallery. (Kathryn Pedroza’s work is above).

On the jump: a few more images from ArtHop that didn’t make it into the print edition of the newspaper.

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Donald’s weekend picks

Well, “T.I.C. Trenchcoat in Common,” which opens Friday night at Fresno State, isn’t really a blog. It’s more a “blog turned into a play.” But that’s enough for a special Beehive shout-out. I write about this production — only the second ever of this title by up-and-coming playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb — in Friday’s issue of 7. Here’s a photo from the show by the Bee’s Craig Kohlruss. [Tickets]


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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop

In Thursday’s Life section I highlight one of tonight’s premier ArtHop events: the curated “Air Travel” exhibition at Corridor 2122. Here are a few more ArtHop picks. Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments.

It’s time for the annual print auction at Spectrum Art Gallery. This is the gallery’s major fundraiser of the year. From the gallery:

During the month of September, Spectrum will be exhibiting 74 photographs that will be auctioned off on October 1st. The exhibit will be at our gallery ( 608 East Olive Ave. Fresno, Ca. ) and the auction itself will be at the Fresno Art Museum on Saturday evening, October 1st starting at 5:00 pm ( for the reception – live auction starts at 6:00 pm).


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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop


Gallery 25 opens its third annual “Centralism” show tonight, and it will be a chance to see a whole slew of artists that you don’t normally associate with the gallery. I wrote about the exhibition in my Sunday Spotlight column (second item):

Gallery vice president and Fresno State art professor Edward Gillum conceived “Centralism” both as a geographical comment, reflecting Fresno’s location in California, and as a take on the art world’s never-ending quest to find the next “ism,” or artistic movement. (Think of primitivism, expressionism, impressionism, surrealism, post-modernism, etc.) Why not go the other way, he thought, and seek to include rather than exclude?

The show includes 45 artists in a wide variety of media including painting, drawing, performance art, sculpture and video art. About 60% of the artists are local, while most of the rest are from different parts of the state. All but five are non-Gallery 25 members, so there will be lots of new names to discover.

More ArtHop options on the jump.

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Donald’s weekend picks

Just like Mike says, outdoors is going to be a powerful draw. Enjoy spring while you can!

As part of my coverage of the Fresno Choral Artists’ “Return to Broadway” concert 4 p.m. Saturday at Hope Lutheran Church, I got to spend some time with the two delightful ladies pictured below. Barbara Volker, 68, will perform the song “Bosom Buddies” from “Mame” with her mother, Ruth Goble, 90. They make a charming pair. My account of our photo shoot with them is here.


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Donald’s weekend picks

For classical-music fans especially, it’s a rich weekend.

Natasha Kislenko and Bulgarian-born violinist Chavdar Parashkevov will perform from their recently released first CD, “Russian Sonotas,” in an 8 p.m. Saturday concert at the First Congregational Church. (Note the performance time. In Friday’s print edition of 7, the concert was incorrectly listed as 2 p.m. in my music roundup.) Also on the program: Ravel’s violin sonata, three solo piano preludes by Debussy and a number of short Spanish pieces for violin and piano.


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Donald’s weekend picks

The “Three Phantoms in Concert” performance Saturday night at the Philharmonic features Craig Schulman, Mark Jacoby and Gary Mauer, all of whom have played the title role in “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway and around the world. Here’s my advance story in Friday’s 7 section. I’ve heard this concert is virtually sold out, so if you want to go, you’d better start scraping for a ticket right now.


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ArtHop roundup

Perhaps it was the bitter cold that made scurrying into all those (mostly) warm galleries so gratifying. Maybe I was just in a highly receptive mood to partake in the visual arts. Or it could be the novelty of using my new iPhone to document my journey in real time on Facebook. Whatever the reason, I had a grand time at ArtHop last night. Some highlights:


From the outside, I can imagine that Gallery 25′s vibrant window display will be confusing drivers all month:


Cheap gas, anyone?

Inside, I found a vibrant show laced with a skewering political sensibility. The Appropriation Project, a group made up of Gallery 25 member Diran Lyons, Desiree D’Alessandro and Byron Russell, put together “Oil and War: A Critical Remix Festival.” Entries were solicited for this video genre in which artists combine video and images from different sources to make political statements that are often different from the original intent.

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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop

Critical Remix Festival 2011.jpg

There are some really interesting options at tonight’s ArtHop, the monthly open house of studios and galleries in the downtown and Tower District areas. Here are some picks from my Thursday Life section advance story, plus a few late additions. As always, feel free in the comments section to plug your event or tell us as a viewer your ArtHop plans.

GALLERY 25: Last January, Diran Lyons expanded the horizons of Gallery 25 with an exhibition featuring examples of the remix genre, in which artists combine video and images from different sources to make political statements that are often different from the original intent. (One of the entries was Lyons’ “Jake Gyllenhaal Challenges the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize,” which juxtaposed scenes from Gyllenhaal’s movie “Jarhead” with clips of Barack Obama.)

Now Lyons is back at Gallery 25 a year later with “Oil and War: A Critical Remix Festival,” which continues the practice of editing video to create critiques of society, media, corporations and government. The event features video submissions from across the country. A $1,000 top prize will be awarded at today’s ArtHop event at the gallery, 660 Van Ness Ave.

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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop

We’ve already pumped up tonight’s opening of the “Post No Bills” show at the Chance James Studio at Broadway Studios. Here are some other ArtHop picks:

Featured artist is Bay Area photographer Margaretta K. Mitchell. She is the author of five books, and her work has been featured in major museums nationally. Mitchell won’t be here in person today for ArtHop, but she does plan to be in Fresno on Nov. 13 for an artist’s reception and to lead a workshop titled “Personal Photographic Project — You on Paper.” Pictured below: Mitchell’s “Smocked Silk.”

mitchell - Smocked Silk.JPG

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Donald’s weekend picks

Spectrum Art Gallery’s big fund-raiser of the year, its annual print auction, is Saturday, and if you’re looking for great buys on exquisite shots from professional photographers — some of them nationally known — this is the place to be. Below is one of the prints up for auction by John Sexton.


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Donald’s weekend picks

So much to do on the arts/music/theater beat:

I had a phone call from a woman this morning desperate to know how many MORE weekends “[title of show]“ will be running at the Severance Theatre. (My condensed review of the show is in Friday’s 7 section, and I’ve reposted the extended version today so it’s easier to find.) I had to tell her: Sorry, it’s only playing through Sunday. This is a theater event not to miss.


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