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Sam Champion likes out standing in fields

sam-champion-600We’ve all seen it. Some poor weather forecaster is forced to stand in horrible weather conditions to report on the obvious. The fact cows are flying through the air or rain is coming down sideways is enough of a clue that the weather is bad.

I asked Sam Champion — who jumped from “Good Morning America” to the Weather Channel — if he had ever been sent out on one of those kind of assignments that was so bad, he started to doubt his career choice.

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Snow in Fresno? It could happen.


Snow in Fresno? The snow in this picture fell in Shaver Lake.

It’s bone-chilling cold out there, but something even more exciting could be coming: snow. Friday night going into Saturday could bring snow flurries, meteorologists are telling Bee reporters. Doesn’t sound like we’ll all be building snowmen Saturday morning though. Reporter Mark Grossi is still working on his story about the likelihood of snow, but here’s a sneak preview he sent along:

A storm passing through California Friday night is forecast to thaw the sub-30s night-time freezer in the San Joaquin Valley, but the weather might get even more miserable. Flurries of snow might mix in with a light rain with temperatures in the mid-30s — a damp, chilly wake-up call on Saturday morning. It would be Fresno’s first snow in eight years.
“We’re not talking about any accumulations of snow,” said meteorologist Paul Iniguez of the National Weather Service’s Hanford office. “I don’t think you’ll need a snow shovel.”

I can’t remember ever seeing snow in Fresno. (I think it’s happened in the 13 years I’ve lived here, but I’m pretty sure I slept through it.) And call me a skeptic, but we are talking about predicting the future here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see any snow at all. But it sure would be fun if we did.