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Don’t judge ‘Die Hard’s’ Yuliya Snigir at first glance

yuliya-snigir-die-hard-5Russian actress Yuliya Snigir plays a character who’s not what she seems to be in the new action movie “A Good Day to Die Hard.” It’s a perfect fit for the 29-year-old actress because she’s not the kind of person who should be judged on a first glance. That’s easy to do. It’s obvious as soon as I walk into the Four Seasons Hotel room to talk to the raven-haired actress why she was offered a modeling contract when she was young.

But, behind those stunning looks is a woman who was playing chess professionally at 15 and was awarded the title of Candidate of Master by International Chess Federation. She never went after the modeling career but was teaching English in a nursery school when a friend showed her picture to a modeling agency.

“Playing chess was something that my parents wanted more than me,” Snigir says with the slightest of Russian accents. “And, when the modeling offer came, I was more determined to study acting. I did some modeling while I was studying but it was more like a hobby for me.”

Her chess background won’t go to a complete waste. Snigir explains that being able to look at a situation, evaluate it and then react is a lot like directing. She wants to direct and is writing a screenplay that could be her big directing project but she’s not in a rush to move behind the camera. A director, to the actress, needs the maturity that comes with a lot of work experience and for now, she’s concentrating on her acting to build up her experiences.

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