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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

In addition to getting dirty – you dirty, dirty Fresnans.

Tonight on the Fulton Mall: Ugly sweaters + ice skating + Carthop. It’s put on by FLYP’s Downtown Academy. I’ll even be out there DJing. [More]

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To-Do Tonight: Nightclub showdown

After or instead of — we prefer after — the Great Fresno Tweetup tonight, local party people can decide between these two nightclub options:



AUDIO SOLSTICE: This night of electro music at Karma Restaurant and Lounge brings L.A.’s Kill the Noise and Colorado-based Robotic Pirate Monkey to town. Of note, locally: Robotic Pirate Monkey’s Matt Berryhill is a Fresno native. Also on the tour: THiCK CHiCK (Boston) and DJ Skywalkerr (also from Colorado).

MICKEY AVALON: Glam-rap bad-boy Mickey Avalon returns to Fresno tonight at Rome Nightclub. He’s best known for a song about his junk (NSFW link, btw). We imagine someone’s going to make an Anthony Weiner joke on stage tonight. Tickets cost $25 and are available here.