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Ryan Beatty premieres song/video from his upcoming album

When we last checked in with pop wunderkind (and Clovis native) Ryan Betty, he was heading out on a national tour with Australian pop singer (and friend) Cody Simpson. At the end of the tour, he said he would be back in Los Angeles in the studio working in his album.

From my story in The Bee:

He knows fans are waiting, and he is eager to release new music. But he also wants to make sure it’s done right.

He could write a song for the radio, get it done and out quick, he says.

“That’s not what I’m about.”

He thinks about longevity.

He wants to create something authentic and true to himself and his inspirations — guys like Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel, and bands such as Electric Light Orchestra.

“Once I release it, it’s going to be out there forever, ” he says. “It’s not like I can be like, ‘Hey, just kidding.’ “

And now we get our first taste of what he might have meant by that. Beatty just released a lyric video for “Chameleon.” This is the first release from his a self-titled EP that will be released Oct. 8 Watch the video on the jump and let us know what you think?

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Katie Cassidy makes great acting leap

It’s always fascinating to hear how actors describe their chose profession.

Katie Cassidy has been around the entertainment business all her life. It started with her being the daughter of pop star David Cassidy and continued when at the age of 17 she landed a small role in the TV series “The Division.” Since then Cassidy’s appeared in numerous TV shows and films, but nothing has been as big a hit for her as her current show, the CW Network’s “Arrow.” Cassidy plays Dinah Laurel Lance, a former love interest to the man behind the mask, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

The “Arrow” star uses a very interesting analogy to talk acting.

“It’s almost like being a trapeze artist,” Cassidy says during a CW Network party. “The audience is watching the trapeze artist and the moment they want to see is when you let go of the bar, flying through the air and are about to grab on to the other one.

“A teeny, tiny part of us is wondering if they are going to miss. It’s that moment people want to see. It’s when as an actor, you let go and allow yourself to fly and accept whatever will happen before you grab the next one.”

Comic book fans are watching closely as Cassidy flies through the air with “Arrow” because in the Green Arrow comic books that spawned this series, Dinah Lance is the super hero known as Black Canary. The series recently introduced the character of the Huntress so Canary could fly.

Cassidy knows all about the super hero side of her character having been given a stack of the comics once she was cast. The actress isn’t saying whether that element will be added to the show but does like that story line is there to add depth to her character.

It would be another grand leap through the acting air for her.