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Open Thread: Election Day 2012

Yo, America! Democracy is in action today, as we all head to the polls to cast our votes on Election Day.

Since freedom is the order of the day, I’m not trying to steer this blog ship too much. Feel free to talk about whatever you want in the comments — describe your voting experience,  share cool links, talk about what issues you’re passionate about. It’s totally up to you.

To get us started, here are a number of resources from The Bee and the web, everything from how to find your polling place to profiles of candidates to recommendations from The Bee’s opinion pages. So if you still need to get informed, there’s plenty to read below. Happy bubble filling!

Open thread: What did you do this weekend?

I, for one, managed a hybrid of inside stuff and outside stuff:

  • I went to the opening of “The Fantasticks” on Friday night at Severance Theatre. Look for my review by Tuesday.
  • I went shopping at Fashion Fair mall on Saturday afternoon with my parents (in town for a visit), and pondered an interesting tidbit. My mother pointed out that whenever she’s in a department store cosmetics area and walks past one of the fragrance reps offering free samples, they pointedly ignore her. She’s too old. Yet if a younger woman walks by next, the free-fragrance-hawkers are all over her like Britney Spears “Believe” perfume” at an eighth grade girls’ locker room. So, we did an experiment. We walked through Gottschalks and she got ignored. We walked down to the Macy’s women’s store and got ignored. The best was in the Macy’s men’s store, where one of the fragrance queens practically tripped over herself to offer a sample of something (and I’m not sure what, because weren’t we in the men’s store?) to a vivacious, dolled-up femme fatale-like 30something strolling in front of us. When Mom walked past, Ms. Macy looked her straight in the eye and glanced away. Funny stuff.
  • I went to “Tales from Ovid” on Saturday night at Fresno State. Look for my review by Tuesday.
  • On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Lone Oak Iris Ranch on Old Friant Road. The blooms are just starting to come out, and in a couple of weeks the view will be spectacular. It’s a great place: The owners let you wander the grounds looking at all the different varieties. Once I get my pics loaded, I’ll post one or two.

OK, your turn.