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Help send a Valentine care package to sailors

If you’re looking for an easy way to do some good in the world, here’s one option. The women down at Homecoming Trunk Shows in Lemoore are looking for donations to include in care packages to about 1,000 Navy pilots and sailors stationed on the USS Stennis in the Persian Gulf.

The men and women, from the Lemoore Naval Air Station are on eight-month deployment, which came unusually quickly on the heels of their last seven-month deployment.They’ll get home in late April.

The Homecoming Trunk Shows folks — most of them military wives selling their company’s jewelry, clothing and handbags wherever they’re stationed — want to do something for people stuck on the aircraft carrier. They miss their loved ones and are particularly concerned about the enlisted folks who might not have a lot of family back home. Some haven’t received a care package in five months, they say.

Homecoming Trunk Shows is accepting donations of snacks, candy, Chapstick, socks, Tums, hand lotion, etc. (See the Operation-Valentine pdf for details.) Drop-off points are at the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce, Century 21 of Hanford and the Homecoming Trunk Show headquarters at 339 West D. Street Suite F in Lemoore.

They’re also looking for volunteers to put the care packages together starting at 4 p.m. at the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce on Valentine’s Day.
Details: (559) 817-5020.