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‘Hell on Wheels’ star sparks memories

CullenMaybe, I’ve been doing this job a little too long. Or maybe, I’ve been doing it just long enough.

I had a chance to sit down with Anson Mount to talk about his very under appreciated cable series “Hell on Wheels.” If you aren’t watching, pick up the first two seasons on DVD to get ready for the third season that starts in August.

We talked a lot about the series, his acting career and finally his early years growing up in White Bluff, Tenn., a town that is little more than a bump in the road. I’m familiar with it because I grew up only a few miles away in a town that doesn’t even qualify as a bump. I asked Mount how he was able to go from such a small town to a professional acting career.

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Observations from a grumpy old man

  • Nick Lachey, a member of 98 Degrees, was recently kicked out of the San Diego Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals football game for rude behavior. One fan says he was attacked by Lachey. Would you actually admit to being whipped by a member of a boy band?
  • TMZ’s reporting Playboy boss Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris will marry on New Year’s Eve. Yes, it’s the same Crystal Harris that left Hef five days before they were to be wed in June 2011. I guess you can teach a young golddigger new tricks.
  • National Hot Cocoa Day is Dec. 13. It will be followed by a national day of mourning for tiny marshmallows.
  • This year’s theme for the “124th Tournament of Roses Parade” is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” cut down from the original theme of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go to Get Away from Pasadena!”
  • The A&E Network is allowing fans create the opening title sequence for is new drama series “Bates Motel.” Look for plenty of entries shot through a peephole.
  • Random thought: What chow is chosen by chinchilla in Chowchilla?