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Five Things To Do This Weekend


If you’re not recovering from Christmas, planning for New Year’s Eve or seeing “The Interview,” how about …

1. “Silent Night, Deadly Night
A post-Christmas alternative dance party by the DJs behind Meatball Magic.

2. Maintain, w/Mike Efex
For those who like their dance music electronic.

3. Sh&%ty Christmas Episode III
Sort of like The Misfats, only here all the songs are about poop.

4. Kat Jones
Support a Fresno expat.

5. Ice Skate (indoors or out)
It’s winter. Act like it.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend


Peel yourself away from the news for an hour or so …

1. Jose Canseco Home Run Challenge tryouts
I know next to nothing about baseball. What I do know is this: Jose Canseco swung HARD! Like, breaking-bat hard.

2. Opera Ambulante
Spanish Opera at River Park. The juxtaposition of cultures is just too much!
3. The theater
Take your pick..

4. Rock & Roll: Behind the Scenes
A panel discussion on the nuts and bolts of rock and roll. Hint: It’s not as glamorous as you might think.

5. Meatball Magic
My favorite DJs return to my favorite bar. It’s been awhile.

And five for the music fans …

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Five things you should do this weekend

Other than trying to get a glimpse of the POTUS

2-14-1`4-31. “Uke Nations
Jake Shimabukuro destroys whatever notions you have about the ukulele.

2. La Galaxy Vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Football season is over. This is a soccer match. American pro soccer, at that.

3. Dance in the Name of Love
A preview of Fresno Dance Collective’s Rogue show w/beats from DJ Mr. Leonard Timmy Blue.

4. This is Not A Love Song
Anti-Valentine’s dance party from the guys behind Meatball Magic. Even your girlfriend thinks this’ll be fun.

5. Beetles play the Beatles; love songs
The Beatles did love songs arguably better than anyone in pop music. Here the songs are interpreted (faithfully) by Fresno’s Faux Four.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While starting down the “20 ways to be a better Fresnan” checklist.

Laid-back reggae/rockers The Expendables are playing what’s probably the biggest gig of the weekend, tonight at Fulton 55. If you like Slightly Stoopid, you’ll like them. We hear it’s closed to selling out. So don’t slack. [More]

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than watching that Boise State game.

Indie pop duo Matt & Kim — one of my favorite groups — headlines a big day of music Sunday at the Festival of Hope in Tulare. It’s a two-day event, aimed at suicide prevention, it’s totally free and the entertainment lineup is quite stellar. Sunday is the strong day for music. In addition to Matt & Kim’s closing performance (at 8 p.m.), top-notch local bands Strange Vine (3 p.m.), Rademacher (4:30 p.m.) and Fierce Creatures (6 p.m.) play as well. [More info]


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13 Things You Should Do This Week

Hi Fresno friends, as you’re reading this I’m sitting around watching a bunch of NFL highlights I already watched yesterday and trying to figure out where to go eat tacos this afternoon. Yes, I’m on vacation this week! But Fresno doesn’t stop being happening just because I’m sitting at home. So here are 13 things that should keep you busy until I return next Monday. See ya then.


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Hey DJ! Vol. 3 w/ DJ Heinz


DJ Heinz is one of the masterminds behind the ever-so-fun Meatball Magic. If you’ve never been to Meatball Magic, it’s the definition of an alternative dance night.

It’s a bi-weekly event at an off-the-beaten-path gay bar in southeast Fresno, formed by a bunch of DJs who wanted to do something totally different than the top 40 that populates many local nightspots. Oh, and it’s about as unpretentious as you can get.

There’s another Meatball Magic on Friday night, and it just so happens that it’s also DJ Heinz’s (aka Vance Vasquez) birthday. So wish him a happy birthday and read all about how he get started DJing and what Meatball Magic is all about. Just a head’s up, there’s a lot of “I can’t believe I admitted that” to follow.

Where can people find you spinning currently?
Currently my co-DJs (Taffy, Todd Tomorrow, Cuckoo) and I have a monthly party (every third Friday of the month) called Meatball Magic. We just celebrated our 5th year anniversary! That’s where I can be found consistently. There is a Meatball Magic going on Friday (April 16) for my birthday. Other than that I randomly get asked to do different parties and play in different clubs around town.

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Enjoy yourselves, Fresno. I’ll be outta town.

Tired of Top 40 club nights? Give Meatball Magic a try. Tonight is actually its five-year anniversary (congrats!) of playing indie, electro, new wave and more bi-weekly at The Red Lantern. If that’s not a good enough reason, how often do you party at Belmont and Maple?


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