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Tonight: Blimprov will make you laugh

If you haven’t seen Blimprov, you should. And you probably should do it tonight.

The improv comedy troupe — who you might remember from its sold-out run at this year’s Rogue Festival — is doing one of its biggest local shows to date at Fulton 55.

Why go tonight? Well, two Blimprov members are planning to move to L.A. soon, to give the fame thing a chance. So this might be their last Blimprov show. The departing Blimprovers are the ever-charming Marcos Hammer and the hilarious Magnus Chhan, who — apologies to the rest of Blimprov — has a knack for stealing the show.

If you miss this and everybody is talking tomorrow about how great it was, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

ROGUE REVIEW: ‘Blimprov’


OK, I’ll admit it. I wasn’t ready for Blimprov. I remember seeing a improv comedy group when I was in college, because it was performing free in the dorms. It was OK, but nothing that made me a fan of improv. I saw another improv group here in Fresno many years back. Same story.

So when I walked into Saturday night’s sold-out Blimprov show at Tower Lounge, I was prepared for more mediocrity. Instead, I got the best show I’ve seen so far at this year’s Rogue Festival.

Blimprov is made up of three young actor/comedians — Magnus Chhan, Nick Haas and Marcos Hammer — who made me laugh more than I have in the past year. Their comedy is smart, somewhat ridiculous and insanely quick-witted. It helps that they’re not just jokers, but actors who really bring to life the various scenarios they’ve created for themselves.

No two Blimprov shows will be the same, so I can’t really tell you much about the material. The guys ask for one suggestion from the audience to get started — then they don’t stop for the next hour. Nor does the laughter.

SHOW INFO: 5:30 p.m. today (3/4), 7 p.m. Wednesday (3/7) and 8:30 p.m. Saturday (3/10) at Tower Lounge, 1211 N. Wishon Ave.. Tickets: $5. Rating: PG-13.