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Did They Just Say Fresno? Key & Peele edition

Comedy Central sketch comedy duo Key & Peele did a recent skit* that pokes fun at LMFAO (an admirable plight, no doubt). Not only does it skewer America’s most annoying beloved “Party Rockers,” it also gives Fresno a shout-out. Right there song every other city the two can name, apparently.

*Yeah, it’s a couple weeks old. Oh well. You should still watch it.

Grammy Nominations ’09: Likes, Dislikes & Predictions


Did you watch the Grammy nominations concert? Me neither. I just went to the Internet, looked up the nominees and found that Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift were the big winners.

Now that the list is out — click here or scroll down for the entire thing — let’s start with the reactions. Below, I’m offering a few thoughts, some likes, some dislikes and some knee-jerk predictions.

Chime in with what you like, what you don’t like and who got gypped.

- It’s interesting to see Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga all in the three major categories. It’ll be even more interesting to see it plays out. You could make a case for each to sweep, but I don’t think that’ll happen. It’ll probably be more spread out.

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