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Oscar predictions you won’t see elsewhere

SETH MACFARLANEThere are always a lot of predictions floating around at Oscar time. Everyone always thinks they have some super insight that will allow they to clearly see which films will be honored and which will be ignored.

Those kind of predictions are too common. The following are predictions that you won’t see anywhere else when the awards are handed out Sunday night.

I predict ….

… Quvenzhané Wallis will have her named pronounced at least three different ways including Quiznos.

… Seth MacFarlane will say — or do — something so outlandish it will overshadow the rest of his hosting work. It will probably have something to do with a pound of butter, three roses and a young German woman named Helga.

… the tribute to Bond will overlook the suggestive names given to Bond women. Rumors are the name of the main female Bond character in the next 007 movie will be Ima Estelle Zera. Ima E.Z. will be played by Kim Kardashian.

… there will be more Oscar winners who thank their agents than thank God.

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My 7-year-old nephew, the Lincoln fan

I had fun in my Sunday Spotlight column bragging about my seriously smart 7-year-old nephew, Matthew, who has been fascinated with Abraham Lincoln since age 3. He demanded to see the movie “Lincoln,” and it didn’t faze him at all when I told him the film is definitely a “grown-up” affair that consists in large part of men with funny looking facial hair arguing with each other. He and his 10-year-old brother, Connor, were the only kids in the packed theater — and they didn’t squirm. I write:

The best part: Matthew took along one of his favorite toys, a foot-tall Abraham Lincoln doll complete with top hat. Abe sat with him throughout the movie. Occasionally, Matthew lifted him up so Mr. Lincoln could see better.

I loved the movie, by the way. I’m a big fan of biographical films that make an effort to narrow the scope of a person’s life, that immerse us in a pivotal time that really says something about that person, rather than trying to cram an entire existence into a couple of hours. I loved the shadows and texture of the film, the dramatic lighting and stirring speeches, the wry dialogue and storm-cloud somberness as the Union limps through some of its most trying times.

Above, Matthew — wearing one of his favorite shirts — “meets” Mr. Lincoln at a Civil War reenactment last summer. (I tell the story in the last part of my column.) After the jump, I’ve posted a pic of  Matthew with his Lincoln doll posing with the movie poster.

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