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Jamie Luner reveals bedroom secret

lunerI don’t know about you, but one of the weirdest scenes to me in TV movies and series are those that occur after a couple has been very intimate. While they are chatting, the woman is always draped in a sheet that has been strategically wrapped around her. This odd costuming always seem strange because I imagine that sheet wasn’t there before they started talking.

During a chat with Jamie Luner for her new upcoming Lifetime movie, “The Perfect Boss,” I decide to ask her about this post-romance choice of wardrobe. Luner has been in her fair share of such situations — in TV movies and series — and that means she should be an expert. She ends up wrapped up in a sheet in “The Perfect Boss.”

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Campbell would consider another TV series

Neve Campbell called earlier today. It wasn’t a surprise that she called because as we were scheduled to talk about “An Amish Murder,” the Lifetime movie she’s starring in that will be broadcast in early January. You can read the entire interview early in 2013.

What was a surprise was that it was Campbell who made the call. Most of the time, it’s a publicist – or two – who will ring me up and then connect me with the talent. It’s always a little disconcerting to know that the publicist is listening to the conversation and ready to jump in to block any question.

Today, it was just Campbell on the line.

Most of the conversation was about the movie such as how she was pregnant during the filming and how she was able to deal with the snowy setting because she grew up in Canada.

The conversation did get around to whether or not she would return to series television if this film proves to be a hit. Working on “Party of Five” was a grind and back then she didn’t have a child in her life.

“The good thing is that this would be for cable. You don’t have to commit to 22 shows. On a cable series, you work five months rather than nine or 10 months,” Campbell says. “Also, if I was to do a series, it would have to be an ensemble show. I did a few episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and they have 30 characters on the show. They only work two or three days a week.”

Although “Party of Five” looked like an ensemble series, there were only four main characters and the writers wanted at least one of the four in every scene. That was a lot of work for the cast.

Should the film spawn a cable series, it will be nice to hear from Campbell again.

Lindsay Lohan takes on Elizabeth Taylor

LL- red dress.jpgMaybe it’s just me but I don’t think Lindsay Lohan was the right choice to play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie, “Liz & Dick.”

Don’t get me wrong. It makes perfect sense that she was picked to be in the made-for-cable offering as Lifetime will get huge ratings because the wild Lohan is attached to the project. My problem with her casting is the same I have when an actress is selected to play Marilyn Monroe. Both women are such iconic figures that no actress seems worthy of playing the parts.

The film also stars Grant Bowler as Richard Burton and is scheduled to air later this year on the Lifetime channel.

Here’s one of the photos the cable channel has released. Let me know if you think Lohan was a good pick or if you have a better suggestion on who should have played Taylor.

Loretta Devine all a-twitter about technology

thecl8582 (1).jpg Loretta Devine and I are close to the same age. That means when I caught up with her at the Beverly Hilton to talk about her new Lifetime series, “The Client List,” we could talk about a lot of the same TV shows we watched when we were younger, our appreciation of music and the trouble we are having with technology.

Devine laughs and says the best thing she learned while working with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the series about a single mom who takes a job in a massage parlor was how to use Twitter.

She’s mastered Twitter but Devine is still having a little trouble with the camera in her phone.

“I keep taking pictures of myself,” Devine says with a huge laugh. “‘How sad is that?”

She’s a little worried that the technology boom has given her more competition.

“The thing about the Internet and all this new technology is that everybody is watching you. Everybody’s taking pictures of themselves. You want to see pictures of you,” Devine says. “It’s all voyeurism.”

We also talk about a Fresno connection. Devine worked with Fresno’s Sharon Leal on the FOX series “Boston Public.” Leal and Devine became such good friends while working on the series, they vacationed together one year.

“It was so incredible working with Sharon. She has this incredible singing voice and she’s such a beautiful woman,” Devine says. “I think her beauty is underestimated. I don’t think the camera captures it all.

“She’s one of the few people you see in person you just inhale and go ‘ahhhh.’ And, she’s beautiful inside and out.”