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‘Iron Man 3′ gets different look for China

Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man“Iron Man 3” had a very impressive opening weekend taking in more than $175 million across the United States. That’s a huge number but pales compared to what the latest offering in the comic book genre made around the globe. It’s already pulled in more than a $500 million in foreign ticket sales.

There was a time when American movies would open here and then move overseas. That thinking has changed and now big blockbuster movies will have their openings abroad weeks before moviegoers can see them here. “Star Trek Into Darkness” is just under two weeks away but it will be available to overseas fans before domestic Trekkies. “Star Trek: Into the Darkness” opens in Germany on May 9.

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Stark Industries invades Disneyland

IRON MAN 3“Iron Man 3” is in 3D but that visual gimmick doesn’t draw you into the world of the comic books like a new display at Disneyland. The Innoventions attraction in Disneyland Park features a Hall of Armor from Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion. The suits on display are authentic movie armors including the Mark I-VII featured in “Iron Man 3.”

Here’s the kicker. Through some camera trickery, you’ll be able to virtually “suit up” and operate the latest pieces of Mark 42 armor – and even test it out.

Included in the Hall of Armor display are:

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Kingsley better interview than Downey

Robert Downey Jr.Later this week, you’ll be able to read my interview with Sir Ben Kingsley as part of my coverage of “Iron Man 3.” I’m often asked why I will do stories on actors in movies other than those who are the main star. In this case, it was a no brainer. Any chance to chat with an Oscar-winning actor should never be missed.

Kingsley could not talk a lot about playing the villainous Mandarin in the movie but we did chat about how he selects roles and his process for bringing a character to life. Kingsley also talked about how being knighted was the greatest honor in his life.

The problem with Robert Downey Jr. — the man behind the Iron Man armor — is that he will either answer a question with a funny remark or won’t answer the question he’s been asked. A simple question about whether this would be the last “Iron Man” movie for him got an odd response.

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Viralling: The sweded ‘Iron Man 3′ trailer is all up in your Internets

Looks like they did it again. The “Iron Man 3″ trailer that was sweded by Fresno nerds The Dumb Drum and debuted at Sunday’s Swede Fest X at Tower Theatre, is all over the Internet. You might recall their previous efforts, particularly their sweded “Avengers” trailer, have conquered the geekiest corners of the web and racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

So far, their “Iron Man 3″ swede has been featured on the front page of Buzzfeed, YahooMTV Geek, The Superficial, First Showing, Devour, I Am BoredUproxx, iGeekTrooper,  Vulture and Slash Film, which declared it better than a Jimmy Fallon sweded trailer. This list and the vid’s view count — currently 15,000 in about a day — should continue to grow. Help that by watching the video below:

On a Swede Fest note: Organizers Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez say Sunday’s event, its first at Tower Theatre, drew 500 people, which is a good crowd for the Tower, which seats about 761.  Other swedes from the festival should be up today. Check