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Matt Black: an intense and highly talented photographer

If you missed Sunday’s paper, you missed my long profile starting on the front page about Exeter photographer Matt Black, whose latest national honor was Time magazine’s designation as the 2014 Instagram Photographer of the Year. 

Photographer Craig Kohlruss and I got the chance to spend some quality time with Matt. It’s not just a story about a talented photographer, but one about a part of this Valley that many of us never see: the vastness of our agricultural infrastructure, the endemic poverty, the lives of farmworkers, the startling real-world effects of drought. It’s rare for an arts profile to make the Sunday front page, and I hope you can carve out some time to read it.

Instagrams: Fresno Blossom Trail

Check out these recent submissions to our latest Instagram photo challenge. In case you missed it, we are asking readers to tag Instagram images with #fresnobeeblossoms and we will run a Life cover page with a few of our favorites in the next couple of weeks. Go ahead and tag me (@ck_foto) and The Fresno Beehive (@fresnobeehive) in your images in case we have trouble finding them.

This weekend’s weather is looking to be fabulous and perfect for touring and photographing the peach orchards of Fresno County. So why not enjoy one of the great things our county has to offer and share few a few pictures with our readers? Have fun and happy shooting!

The coolest valley blossom photo ever

This eye-catching photo is flying around Instagram and Facebook. It’s an aerial shot of blossoms in the valley by local photographer Ryan Watamura of Ryan Watamura Photography. Never seen orchards in bloom from that angle, have you? I love how it looks like a quilt, made by somebody’s grandma who really likes lavender and purple.

We used it as the Beehive’s #fresno Instagram of the day photo and it quickly got 188 likes. You can see more of Ryan’s nature and food photography by following him on Instagram at @photojapo or on his Facebook  page.

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