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Observations of a grumpy old man

Britney Spears“Extra” is reporting that Britney Spears will be starring in a Las Vegas show. In honor of her being in the Nevada city, it will be mandatory at all Blackjack tables that players must say “Hit me baby one more time.”

Shocking news about how the Post Office wants to discontinue Saturday mail delivery in August. The shocking part is that there are people who still use the Post Office.

Generally, this year’s Super Bowl commercials weren’t memorable. The most effective was the GoDaddy commercial that featured a slurping kiss between a nerd and Victoria Secret model Bar Refaeli. Dot-com domain sales rose 40%. Everyone is buying getthisoutofmy, and

Lindsey Lohan has reportedly turned down a $550,000 offer to be on “Dancing With the Stars.” Makes sense. Did you ever try to do the Tango with a police ankle bracelet?

Disappointed about the news that Honey Boo Boo’s mom, Mama June, has lost more than 100 pounds. I was sure she dropped the weight by sending Honey Boo Boo to live with relatives. Because of the weight loss, “The Soup” host Joel McHale will have to stop calling Mama June the “human thumb” and now call her the human finger.