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Fres-Know: In your face, Fresno

OH SNAP: “Dunk of the year” last night at Save Mart Center. Against the ‘Dogs. [CBS Sports]

HOWEVER: Fresno State football an “early” top 20 for 2013. [USA Today]

GRRRRRR: Fresno fourth unhappiest city for workers. We’re pissed. [Career Bliss]

BALLIN’: Warren Buffet affiliate buys local real estate company. [The Bee]

NEWS: Man jumps to his death from California Hotel. [The Bee]

HEAD’S UP: Gonna be a cold weekend. Bundle up. [The Bee]

RYAN BEATTY FAME WATCH: Here he is performing for Billboard. [Billboard]

SPORTS: Tyler Bray — Kingsburgian and Tennessee QB —  declares for NFL draft. [The Bee]

WATNEY WATCH: Ex-KMPHer Heidi Watney debuted Wednesday on MLB Network. [MLB]

RADIO SCENE: New programming at Soft Rock 98.9 and KMJ. [The Bee]

GOOD READ: “The Grizzlies are ready for their close-up.” [MiLB]

FROM THE BLOGROLL: The Cured Ham on Iron Bird Cafe’s closure. [The Cured Ham]

Web site reports Heidi Watney moving to L.A.

cat_heidi_watney_400.jpg The Web site is reporting that former KMPH (Channel 26.1) weekend sports anchor Heidi Watney will leave the New England Sports Network where she’s worked since 2008 as an in-game reporter for Boston Red Sox broadcasts.

Watney is leaving to take a job as a sideline reporter for Time Warner broadcast of Los Angeles Lakers games.

The Web site also reports Watney was contacted via text while on vacation in Australia, and responded with “Nothing is final and not dealing with it until I return at end of the month.”

Kudos to her if she is moving to Los Angeles. It would not only be a great job but would put Watney in a great location if she has higher reporting aspirations.

But, the timing seems just a little weird. I can’t imagine there will be a lot of work since no NBA games are being played. One source does say her deal is for the 2012-2013 season. Maybe the lockout will be done by then.

Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth?


If the number of telephone calls and emails I continue to get is any measure of the continued interest in Heidi Watney, the former KMPH, Channel 26 sports reporter, then she is gone but not forgotten. So here’s an update:

As part of Watney’s new job as a sideline reporter at Boston Red Sox games for the New England Sports Network, she was interviewed for a story that can be seen at The contents of that story drew attention from many sports bloggers in the Boston area.

That’s because Watney had some interesting things to say.

One part of the story focuses on The Fresno Bee’s reporting in December of how Watney was suspended by KMPH management after cursing at a school administrator.

Here’s what I wrote at that time:

KMPH, Channel 26, sports reporter Heidi Watney has been suspended this month because of an incident with a Hoover High School vice principal that occurred in November. Watney cursed at the school administrator.

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