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Grammy recap: AC/DC, Sam Smith and Kanye West

The Grammy Awards haven’t always been a good barometer of what’s happening in the music industry.

See: Metallica’s loss to Jethro Tull for best hard-rock/metal performance in 1989. It is still unforgivable. And I like Jethro Tull.

That said, the Recording Academy does give out awards each year and manages to put on a show that people watch (or at least talk/Tweet about incessantly).

So, here’s a list of some of highlights from the 2015 awards show, which aired last night on CBS.

  • Sam Smith won four awards, mostly on the strength of “Stay With Me,” a song that he maybe kinda stole.

  • AC/DC opened the show, proving they must have one hell of management team. Katy Perry even donned a pair of devil horns during “Highway to Hell,” a song that was first released before she was born.
  • Madonna did what Madonna does, forgetting her age (or just not caring).

Obviously, there was more. For those that watch the Grammys by habit, does this sum up the show at all? What did I miss?

2012: The Beehive Year in Review

Yes, we’re halfway into the first month of 2013 — but I realized I forgot to do one of these Beehive Year in Review posts. I swear it’s the last looking-back-at-2012 post I’ll write. If I didn’t do this post, though, how would you know which contests you entered the most and which commenters are still in our “top 10?” See. You’re welcome.

So without further ado — unless you want me to drag this out another 14 days — here are the most read and most commented Beehive posts of 2012, along with our most prolific commenters.

Whether you’re on the list or not, thanks to everyone who participates in the site, either by reading and responding, sharing links with your friends or even grumbling to yourself about what we write. You’re all appreciated.

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The Day the Music Died (Again) — because idiots on Twitter killed it

Well, America, we’ve found something worse than the Grammys: Idiots who comment about them online. Buzzfeed has been killin’ it today with collections of stupid Tweets and Facebook updates.

Here are the most appalling offenses, in order:

3. People who don’t know who Bon Iver is. In and of itself? Not too big of a deal. They’re a (mostly) under-the-radar hipster group. But some of these Nicki Minaj fans are heated. Oh, and some of them think the group’s name is Bonnie Bear. Lulz at you, humanity. Get better at Google. Here’s the entire list. Here’s a Tumblr dedicated to this too.


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Grammys 2012: The Live Blog

GRAMMY 54th Annual.jpeg

We’re done here, folks. Thanks to everyone who spent the night with us here, talking and joking about the Grammys. If you’re showing up late to the party, you can read everything below. Newest updates are at the top. If you’re looking for a recap of what was unquestionably Adele’s night read this news story.


- The big winner was Adele — winning three of the four major awards and six total.

- The “who?” of the night: Bon Iver, who won best new artist.

- The loser of the night: Anybody who cringes every time they see Chris Brown. He got WAY too much screen time.

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Grammy Nominations ’11: Thoughts & Predictions


My prediction for last night’s unveiling of the latest batch of Grammy nominations was a really risky one — Adele. Please note the sarcasm. I was halfway thinking they should just cancel the Grammys this year and give all of them to Adele.

Win for her and win for me — I wouldn’t have to sit through it again.

Alas, that’s not going to happen. The Grammys are like the seventh highest-rated award show, you can’t just go and cancel that. That’s a guess, btw, it could very well be the 10th highest-rated award show. How many does MTV have these days?

So we might as well talk about the Grammy noms. Aside from Adele, the major fields seem especially hipster this year — with Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons both scoring nods in the record of the year and song of the year. I figure the Grammy enjoyed the big “WHOOOOO?!?” it got in response to The Arcade Fire winning best album last year and just wanted to do it all over again, knowing full well this is the year of Adele. No knock on Bon Iver or Mumford & Sons — but let’s be real, your mom has no idea who they are. Unless your mom is a hipster, in which case, props to her.

A few more thoughts before we get to the predictions:

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Grammys 2011: The Live Blog


Welcome to The Beehive’s live blog for the 2011 Grammy Awards, music’s biggest circle-jerk night. Newest updates are on the top. Your comments are encouraged — what’s the point of watching these stupid awards if not to snark it up online. One rule: NO SPOILERS please if you’ve been following the East Coast feed online.

Sizing up the big winners of the night:

- Arcade Fire: Pretty obvious. They won album of the year and a lot of people are saying “Who?” Tomorrow, many of them will go and find out. So this obviously elevates their status out of the “indie” rock realm.

- Lady Antebellum: Winning both record of the year and song of the year will help Lady A solidify themselves as legitimate crossover stars. Add this to Taylor Swift’s dominance last year, and you’ve got back-to-back Grammys where the new country stars had a big impact.

- Esperanza Spalding: The best new artist winner has people saying “who?” more than Arcade Fire. She also seems to have pissed off the Bieber fans.

- Cee-Lo: He didn’t win any of the big awards, but he definitely got some attention with his colorful performance. It was a playful spin on a song that might have irked people because of salty language.

- Mumford & Sons/Avett Brothers: Their performances (part of a collaboration with Bob Dylan) were both well done. Since most people haven’t heard of either act, I’m sure they gained some fans this evening.

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Grammy Nominations ’10: Fearless Predictions

Thumbnail image for grammyaward.jpg

This year’s Grammy Nominations are out. You can tell by how I posted this bright and early in the morning that I realllllly care about the Grammys.

Eminem, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry (obligatory photo below) and Lady Antebellum were among the big winners last night. Eminem led the pack with 10 nominees for what many people are lauding as a great comeback album. In reality, it was decent, but certainly not the huge album of the year.

Here’s a pretty good analysis of what the Grammys got right and wrong from Entertainment Weekly. I’ll tack on that it’s pretty amusing that Cee-Lo’ Green’s “F**k You” made it into both of the major song categories. Mainly, because Cee-Lo finally told the Grammys how I feel about them.

Below I’ve picked a few big categories and highlighted my fearless picks. These are knee-jerk picks, so I reserve the right to change my mind before February … or whenever the hell the Grammys are. Feel free to add your own predictions/thoughts in the comments.

Please note: When unsure, I think “What would Grammy voters do?” and usually just pick something lame.

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Grammys 2010: The Live Blog

Thumbnail image for grammyaward.jpg

Welcome to The Beehive’s live blog for the 2010 Grammy Awards. Newest updates are on the top. Your comments are encouraged — watching these silly awards isn’t worth it unless you can act like a music elitist and land at least one “Who cares about the Grammys?” comment. So have fun snarking with us here on The ‘Hive as you watch at home. One rule: NO SPOILERS please if you’ve been following the East Coast feed online.

11:30: Well, it’s over. Finally. I dunno if I’m just in a bad mood today, but this was one of the worst Grammy awards in recent memory. I’d give it a 4 out of 10. The beginning was pretty good, but it slowly dragged along after the first hour. What do you guys think — on a scale of 1 to 10?

11:28: Taylor Swift seems genuinely overwhelmed and absolutely happy. I’m not a fan, but good for her. She’s the youngest to ever win the award, by the way.

11:25: Finally, album of the year … It’s going to be Taylor Swift, of course. And all the Gaga fans are going to pissed. Yep! Taylor Swift wins.

11:19: Eminem’s lip-synching was a lot like his last three albums — really bad and quite painful.

11:17: I’d like to hang out with Tarantino and Lil Wayne for lunch or something. I imagine it would be the most ridiculous thing to ever happen to me. Speaking of ridiculous, Eminem is here. At least he’s rapping in his normal voice. And here’s pretty boy Drake, Canada’s current chief export (sorry, Justin Bieber). Not sure why he’s all-autotuned out, though. The Grammys shouldn’t allow autotune. The best thing about this performance was Lil Wayne’s sneakers.

11:07: Les Paul > Michael Jackson tribute. And that was Imelda May, if you didn’t know.

11:04: Even Lady Gaga is bored:


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Grammys 2010: Let’s take a poll


The Grammys are coming up Sunday, not that they matter much. I’ll be here LIVE BLOGGING, mainly because I like to torture myself, and because we all seemed to have a lot of fun talking crap discussing the show last year. Come suffer with me, won’t you?

I feel like we need a warm up first. I’ve made polls for the major categories below. Let’s see how apt at predictions the Beehive braintrust is, before Sunday night’s circle jerk awards ceremony.

I made my fearless predictions back in December. You can also check out Billboard’s predictions. Vote below, and leave any thoughts in the comments.

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Grammy Nominations ’09: Likes, Dislikes & Predictions


Did you watch the Grammy nominations concert? Me neither. I just went to the Internet, looked up the nominees and found that Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift were the big winners.

Now that the list is out — click here or scroll down for the entire thing — let’s start with the reactions. Below, I’m offering a few thoughts, some likes, some dislikes and some knee-jerk predictions.

Chime in with what you like, what you don’t like and who got gypped.

- It’s interesting to see Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga all in the three major categories. It’ll be even more interesting to see it plays out. You could make a case for each to sweep, but I don’t think that’ll happen. It’ll probably be more spread out.

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