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Gig review: Galaxy Express@Audie’s Olympic

imageThe music business is wonky. Like, one of South Korea’s top indie-rock bands comes to the United States, and because they have little name recognition, they end up playing club shows wherever they can get booked (no offense to the venue or Fresno).

For the savvy music fan, this actually works out quite well. Last night’s Galaxy Express show at Audie’s was a perfect example.

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Gig review: Napoletano Tap Takeover@F.B.C.

Dovves@F.B.C. (photo from Matt Napoletano) Fresno Brewing Company has done a good job of establishing itself as a hub for the craft beer set (also as a more-than-decent music venue, but that’s a different post). For those who care about things like IBUs and ABV percentages, this is the place to go and last night was perfect case in point. The Napoletano brothers (Matt and Nick) took over for the evening and showed off some of their favorite brews, including some kind of super-special keg of Tioga-Sequia’s Sugar Pine Cocoa-Vanilla Porter. I had the Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewery.

There was also some music, fire-eating and general good times had.

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