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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While hoping no other local businesses close.

With news earlier this week that long-time LGBT nightclub The Express is closing, you can expect big crowds for its final three days tonight, Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, the popular Xotica drag show — usually on Thursdays — will be capping the final night of the club. [More]

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A Fierce Creatures fave gets animated

Fierce Creatures’ “Satan is a Vampire” is one of my favorite songs to come out of Fresno in the past few years. So I was happy to get a different take on the song from this animated video. It was made by The General Populus, a rapper and artist in town (also a good friend of mine).

He wasn’t commissioned by the band, Populus says, he just saw a story in the song and animated it. Pretty fresh, if you ask me.

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