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Jon Bernthal goes from ‘Dead’ to ‘Angels’

04_TWD2_GAL_Barn_Rick_Shane_LoriI felt sorry for Jon Bernthal when his character of Shane was killed on “The Walking Dead.” It’s bad enough to lose a job, but it’s a killer when that show is the top-rated series on television. I feel a little better for him now as he’s been cast on the new TNT drama series “Lost Angels.” Productions going on now for the six episodes that will launch in December on the cable channel.

“Lost Angels” comes from Frank Darabont, the man who brought “The Walking Dead” to life. It’s the story of the battle between mobsters and the cops in 1950s Los Angeles that’s based on John Buntin’s book “L.A. Noir.”

I caught up with a bruised and battered Bernthal on the set of “Lost Angels.” He couldn’t say how the battered look would play into his role as Los Angeles detective, Joe Teague, except that it’s part of the very complicated role. Darabont not only had Bernthal in mind for a role on the show but he’s giving him the pivotal character around which the show’s being built.

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Josh Brolin almost backed out of ‘Black’

Before the scheduled time for me to begin my interview with Josh Brolin to talk about his upcoming movie, “Gangster Squad,” the actor is standing on the small balcony of his room at the Four Seasons smoking a cigarette. Since the time I have been given with him will be spent talking about the police drama set in Los Angeles, his smoke break is bonus moments and I take the opportunity to tell Brolin how much I enjoyed his work in “Men In Black 3.”

If you haven’t seen the movie, Brolin does a perfect imitation of Tommy Lee Jones as he portrays his Agent K character as a younger man. The impersonation is so perfect, Brolin has been told by many people that they think his voice was redubbed by Jones.

That wasn’t the case. It’s all Brolin.

Doing the impersonation worried him so much, Brolin almost quit the picture seven times.

“It’s one thing to do a Tommy Lee Jones impersonation at a bar after a few drinks. But, this was for a movie that has millions of very loyal fans,” Brolin says.

He was convinced that he was on the right vocal track when on the first day of shooting director Barry Sonnenfeld came from behind the camera with tears of laughter rolling down his face. It’s a good thing Brolin decided to stick with the production because his performance is the best part of the movie.