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Test your book knowledge with Bookopotamus trivia app

booksI’m not usually one for cell-phone/tablet games (OK, I do have “Word Mole” on my BlackBerry), but Bookopotamus could quickly grow on me.

The audio-book trivia app is totally fun for anyone who reads a lot.

The game works like this: You get audio of a quote and are asked to guess, against the clock, what book the quote is from (it’s multiple choice). The quotes comes from bestsellers (“Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”) and the classics (“Moby Dick”). There are contextual clues that can help if you’re slightly less well read. Scores are based on the speed of the answer.

I got “The Metamorphosis” in two words; “One morning.” Just saying.

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Observations from a grumpy old man

Baseball, Brown, bad news top this week’s rants.

  • Know why St. Louis couldn’t beat San Francisco in the NL playoffs despite having a 3-1 lead? It wasn’t in the Cards.
  • President Barack Obama has been showing up on multiple TV shows from “The Tonight Show” to tonight’s appearance on MTV. Mitt Romney wanted to make a few TV appearances but then he heard ‘Big Love” had been canceled.
  • TMZ reported that Bobby Brown was pulled over around when police observed the singer driving erratically on a Los Angeles street. The important part of this story isn’t that Brown was stopped by the police. The shocker is that he found an L.A. street with so little traffic he had room to drive erratically.
  • ABC canceled “Private Practice.” They must have had the same medical insurance I have because that company turns down everything.
  • WALL-E, star of the 2008 animated film, was one of four robots inducted into Pittsburgh’s Robot Hall of Fame. The Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robots hope the veterans committee will vote them in next time.

The Mike Oz meme challenge – updated

UPDATE 2: More memes arrived over the weekend. I’ve added them to the end of this post.

UPDATE 1, Friday afternoon: Wow. The response has been great. I’ve added several submissions from Beehive readers at the end of this post.

ORIGINAL POST at 12:13 p.m.:
It’s been a humorous week on the meme front, from the McKayla Maroney “not impressed” images to the Mars landing extravaganza. So photographer Craig Kohlruss and I couldn’t resist having a little fun and turning Mike Oz’s birthday crown photo (a gag inspired by Blimprov’s performance at his birthday party) into a meme. You can join the fun. Just download the file, create your meme and email me the photo for the Beehive.

mike oz FRESNO SIGN.jpg

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Scrabble changing rules to allow proper names. Update.


UPDATE: Phew! The Scrabble rules aren’t changing. It was just a misunderstanding. AP reports:

The official rules fans know and love aren’t changing. Scrabble Trickster, due out in July in the U.K. only, not the U.S., will allow proper names such as city or celebrity names.

ORIGINAL: I’m a Scrabble lover. I love the pass n’ play feature on my iPod version, which I use to trounce my husband regularly. So this news, flagged to me by Mike Oz, really caught my attention.

Word is that Scrabble maker Mattel is changing the rules to allow proper nouns — meaning people’s names, places, company names and brands will now count.

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Beehive Obsessions: Volume 11

You know how it is when you find something you love and instantly you want everyone you know to love it, too? Here is a list of things the Beehive is into at this very moment. We invite you to share your obsession in the comments.

Rick: It hasn’t started yet, but I can’t wait to see the final episodes of “Lost.” I can’t imagine how any ending would be completely satisfying. I’m also hooked on “Burn Notice,” “Modern Family” and “Secret Diary of a Call Girl.”
Heather: My new obsession is making sure that the seafood I eat is sustainable. “Sustainable” is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot, but in this case, it means that I’m trying hard to follow the guidelines for responsible seafood eating set by Seafood Watch, a Monterey Bay Aquarium program that keeps track of which seafood items are safe, healthy, and fished or farmed responsibly. Why is that important? Because we can’t eat seafood if there’s none left in the sea, and I love me some shellfish.

Kathy: I’m really into the marriage of Netflix and PS3, which allows me to stream movies to my TV with the push of a button. It gives me a a whole library of movies at my fingertips. Plus, I get Blu-ray movies sent to me in the mail to supplement the live selections. Since the Netflix warehouse is in Bakersfield, it only takes a day to get a new movie. If that’s not awesome enough, the service is pretty cheap: $11 a month.

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