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Tonight: Comedian Jasper Redd

reddFresno has seen a good run of comedians coming through lately, though the shows don’t always get the press they should (I’m working on it, people). For instance, Knoxville, Tenn. comic Jasper Redd, who plays 8 p.m. tonight at Henry’s Cantina in Clovis. Redd is a touring comic who’s been all over TV (“Last Call” with Carson Daly, “Lopez Tonight,” Def Comedy Jam, Tosh.0). His comedy special “Jazz Talk” will be released on Netflix March 15. So see him now! Tickets for the show are $10, or $20 at the door.

The is the first official show from Fresno Comedy Scene.

What a video of Redd on the jump.

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Announced: ‘Spank!’ July 13 at the Saroyan Theatre

20121005_s_0042Will this fascination with “50 Shades of Grey” ever end?

Not anytime soon by the look of things. Which, is probably OK when we get stuff like “Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody,” which just announced a one-night only performance July 13 at the Saroyan Theatre.

This new imagining of the characters comes to life with sharp-witted comedy, musical numbers, sexy striptease performances from the leading hunk, plus lots of surprises! Get there early for pre-show cocktails then stay to meet the cast and pose for a photo with Mr. Dangerous himself!

**Pre-show cocktails and after show meet and greet are not available for every performance. Please check with your box office.

Grab your girlfriends and don’t miss the most exciting show of the year!

So everyone is clear: “SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody is not associated with, nor authorized by, author E.L. James or Vintage Press.”

Pre-sale tickets are $38 and on sale today and tomorrow. The password is fifty.

Win tickets to Jeff Dunham

disorderly conductJeff Dunham does dummy humor.

As in ventriloquism.

If that seems a bit quaint, keep in mind Dunham has a puppet, Achmed, who is a dead terrorist. So this isn’t you father’s grand-father’s … it’s not what you’d expect, let’s say. Unless you’re one of Dunham’s millions of fans. Time Magazine called “the most popular comedian in the United States.”

He brings his “Disorderly Conduct” tour to the Save Mart Center on Sunday, and we have a pair of tickets to give away. Just leave a comment and tell us which is your favorite Dunham character. Deadline for the contest is 3 p.m. Friday.

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The Mike Oz meme challenge – updated

UPDATE 2: More memes arrived over the weekend. I’ve added them to the end of this post.

UPDATE 1, Friday afternoon: Wow. The response has been great. I’ve added several submissions from Beehive readers at the end of this post.

ORIGINAL POST at 12:13 p.m.:
It’s been a humorous week on the meme front, from the McKayla Maroney “not impressed” images to the Mars landing extravaganza. So photographer Craig Kohlruss and I couldn’t resist having a little fun and turning Mike Oz’s birthday crown photo (a gag inspired by Blimprov’s performance at his birthday party) into a meme. You can join the fun. Just download the file, create your meme and email me the photo for the Beehive.

mike oz FRESNO SIGN.jpg

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Cross Streets: Divisadero & Fulton

The guys from The Dumb Drum are back with another installment of their most hilarious Cross Streets series, in which they examine various local intersections. For this one, they head downtown to Divisadero and Fulton. I had an actual LOL moment in this one.

First & Shields | Fresno & G | The Belmont Loop | Willow & Friant |
Kings Canyon & Peach | Fresno & Belmont

My favorite thing currently on the Internet …

is Raaaaaaaaandy!

You know that movie “Funny People” that opens today? Well, Raaaaaaaaandy is one its fictional comedians. Only, Judd Apatow’s viral marketing team decided to do a mockumentary look at the life of Raaaaaaaaandy (played by the hilarious Aziz Ansari, who you’ve seen in “Scrubs,” “Human Giant” and, regretfully, “Parks and Recreation.”)

There are three episodes of the Raaaaaaaaandy series, each a little more NSFW than the one before it. Seriously, folks, lots of naughty language ahead.

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Audio: Kathy Griffin is ready to get raunchy


I scored a super last-minute interview with Kathy Griffin the other day to preview her Saturday night show at Saroyan Theatre.

The whole thing came together in 20 minutes, so I figured I’d ditch prepared questions and just let Kathy run with it. Of course, she did — harping on homophobes, her mom, winning Emmys and how she needs at least 20 protestors in Fresno.

You can download or listen to the MP3 below. The words version is the cover story in Friday’s issue of 7, so pick that up and give it a read.

MP3:Kathy Griffin Interview (Warning: Language NSFW)

Real or fake? Chinatown prostitute ad

While grabbing some grub at Chris Meat Market the other day, I saw this ad outside (in plain sight) — hoping, apparently, that people want to grab on some other stuff.

As far as I can tell, this is an ad for a prostitute who charges $25 per hour (but will also work for hamburgers). Should you be interested, you’d also need to pay for a hotel. Maybe it’s just me, but the hamburger part makes it seem a little suspect. What do you think? And more importantly, who’s going to call and report back?


And if, after all that, you’re asking, “Wait, I thought it was April Meat Market,” then consider yourself officially on notice that the name is once again Chris Meat Market. Here’s a photo to prove it.

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Oh, TV news, how I love thee

Here’s a gem of a TV news story from WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland. It’s about a woman spotting a black bear in her backyard. The news team went to great lengths to show us the “bear” in question. Enjoy.

I know what you’re thinking: “That can’t be real.” Oh, but it is. I found the video on Fox 8′s Web site and everything. Me thinks Dwight Schrute would be proud of the intrepid reporting.

Fres-Know: Now with twice as much know


It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know. It’s been a while, so we’re giving you a big one. Don’t dare say it.

KMPHATE? The top item on the GLAAD blog is about how KMPH aired a paid, anti-gay infomercial on Sunday. We have to ask: WWKD — what would Kopi do? [GLAAD Blog]

HIGH JINX: If an airplane has trouble, but only bloggers care … is it news? Mike Scott thinks so and is all over it. [CBS 47]

CAR DASHING: Two girls paid top dollar to meet Kim Kardashian at The Edge on Friday night. After hours of waiting, that didn’t happen, so they dashed outside, intercepted Kim as she left, got invited into her limo, then sent the pics to a vacation blog. [On Location Vacations]

GET OFF MY LAWN! Do you hate people? Wish they’d leave you alone? (I’m thinking of one blogger in particular) Or do you just wish those pesky solicitors would stop knocking at your door? Either way, check out this hilarious sign. [On Edge 559]

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Suck it, Trebek! A salute to SNL’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’

My favorite ongoing SNL sketch, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” made a triumphant return during last weekend’s season finale. As usual, we got Will Ferrell as a downtrodden Alex Trebek, Darrell Hammond as a maniacal Sean Connery and a few other “celebrities.”

I got so nostalgic for “Celebrity Jeopardy!” that I collected every sketch below. Now go waste an hour or two laughing about Anal Bum Covers.

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Pos-T-Vac: Raising the bar for male enhancement

Move over, EnzytePos-T-Vac has firmly grabbed the top spot for awkward penis commercials. Have you seen this? I promise it’s worth the two minutes of your life:

Let’s ponder the following:
- Guy laying underneath woman on the tire swing and turning her around. Hmmmm.
- “Gentle suction.”
- Ringing endorsements from Guy Who Looks Like Stephen King, Guy Who Has Tried Everything and If You Have a Brain in Your Head Guy.
- Company president who shares a name with a local blogger.
- Putting a vacuum near your junk.

Fresno, I’m throwing down a challenge

I’m enamored with this Cleveland “tourism” video I found yesterday. Both H-Mac and I had the same reaction: “We should make one for Fresno.” But we’re neither musically nor videoally inclined. (I’m still trying to figure out if I can make a Swede).

Warning: Language NSFW

But I know we got some film geeks in this town. If you make it, I’ll post it. If you want to not make it, but instead laugh at Cleveland … I’m OK with that.

The Greatest Thing You’ll See Today: The R.B.I. Baseball rap

If you’re a fan of 80s baseball players, old-school baseball video games or white rappers, then you’ll love this. It’s a dude named Jack Cracker from Wisconsin rapping over the theme song from R.B.I. Baseball. Warning: Language NSFW.

Many thanks to ex-Bee reporter Jeff Passan — who fits all three categories above — and his Yahoo Sports posse for finding this and sending it over.

South Park > Kanye West

South Park slayed ‘Ye last night. It was a pretty hilarious episode in which Jimmy and Cartman came up with “the funniest joke ever.” Short version: “Do you like fish sticks? Then you must be a gay fish.” Kanye, of course, doesn’t get it and thinks that everybody is calling him gay. Carlos Mencia gets involved along the way and South Park gives it to him good too. My favorite part was Kanye’s crew:


If you think they look a little absurd … well yeah, but it’s also pretty right on:

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