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BANDGEEK!: Omar Nare, La Barranca and Yonatan Gat

In the midst of proving just how much of a “Sharknado” fan you are, be sure to spend some time at one of this week’s concert options. I’ve collected them here in another BANDGEEEEK! roundup.


  • Sweet Bump It.
    W/Amoret (acoustic set). At Peeve’s Public House. 8:30 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • KC & The Sunshine Band.
    At Tachi Palace. 6 p.m. $35-$75. (Flier link)

  • Giddens/Dana/Hamada.
    At the Landmark. 8 p.m. Free.

  • Vice.
    W/Swamps, No Authority, Make Way and Step-4-Change. At CYC. 7 p.m. $5 donation. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Iwanaga.
    W/T&A. At Audie’s Olympic. 9 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • EZ Mark’s Honky Tonk.
    At Full Circle Brewing. 5:30 p.m. Free.

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    BANDGEEK!: KRS-One, Trash Talk and Punk Rock Karaoke

    You might want to get downtown for that $10 cup of coffee you’ve always dreamed of. Let that fuel you through the rest of the week, which is chock full of live music. Here is your weekly collated list. It’s another BANDGEEEEEK!


  • Trash Talk.
    W/Ratking and Lee Bannon. At Strummer’s. 8 p.m. $12-$13. All ages.

  • You Knew Me When.
    W/Travis Brooks. At Peeve’s Public House. 8:30 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • The 25th annual City Jazz Festival.
    W/Eric Marienthal and the Fresno City College Jazz Ensemble. At FCC Theatre. 7:30 p.m. $10-$15.

  • Fresno’s Monthly Motown Night.
    W/The Experience, DJ Mr. Leonard and Conor Miles. At Audie’s Olympic. 9 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • Mr. Bang.
    W/Strange Ones, Acrylics and Chokeslam. At CYC. 7 p.m. $4. (Flier link)

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    BANDGEEK!: Ape Machine, Ani-Me and a FresYes Fest

    For radio music, check out some classic hip-hip on FM 105.5. The station gets an official name and kick-off party next week.

    For live music, there are a few more choices, which I collate each week in my BANDGEEEK roundup.

    It’s the least I can do.


  • Dengue Fever.
    W/Amoret. At Strummer’s. 8 p.m. $12-$14. All ages.

  • Enter into Atonement tour.
    W/Inanimate Existence, Wryth and Amenthes. At Strummer’s (GRILL SIDE). 10 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • Hollow Wood.
    W/So Long Williamsburg and A.Lone. At Peeve’s Public House. 8 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
    At the Tower Theatre. 7:30 p.m. $33.50-$43.50.

  • Jacque Babb.
    W/Tore Lane. At Audie’s Olympic. 8:30 p.m. Free.

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    BANDGEEK!: Tommy Castro, Sahab and Iration

    Maybe you’re thinking of making a trip to Los Angeles to score the kind of Girl Scout cookies they get down there.

    That’s not your plan? Well, there is plenty happening close to home this week, especially if you are into live music. You’re choices are collected here in my weekly BANDGEEEEK! roundup.


  • Sahab.
    W/Mike G and Left Brain of Odd Future. At Audie’s Olympic Tavern. 8 p.m. $12-$15. (Flier link)

  • Disco Night.
    W/DJ Mr. Leonard and Connor Miles. At Peeve’s Public House. 9 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)< ?blockquote>

  • EZ Mark’s Honky Tonk.
    At Full Circle Brewing Co. 5:30 p.m. Free.

  • Low Leaf.
    W/Jacque Babb and Emery Payne. At Liquid Fetish. 8 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

  • The Return of Frank’s Place.
    W/House DJ Green, Bitter Buffalo, Sharks of Dance, Hell08′s, Meet Me in Montauk, St. X and Satellite Era. At Frank’s Place. 6 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

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    BANDGEEK!: Light Thieves, Ledisi and Robert DeLong

    It’s the start of a weird two weeks here in Fresno. I mean that in the best possible way.

    If you’re into the Rogue Festival, I mean really into doing it right, you won’t have time for much else.

    I’ve gone ahead and collected the week’s concerts and musical happening anyway. Here they are in another BANDGEEEEK roundup.


  • Light Thieves.
    W/Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries, DJ Aesop and Midwest Moms. At Fulton 55. 9 p.m. $8-$12. (Flier link)

  • The Notones.
    Residency at the Oly. W/Butler Park. At Audie’s Olympic. 9 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

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    BANDGEEK!: Napalm Death, Fauxgazi and Kuppajoe’s farwell show

    OK, so the Oscars are on TV. That’s Sunday night. That leaves the rest of the week for one of these awesome live shows, which I’ve collected in you weekly BANDGEEEK roundup.


  • Put Your Heart Into It.
    Benefit fundraiser, featuring Journey Revisited. At Fulton 55. $15-$25. (Flier link)

  • Tim Burton Tribute Art Show.
    Werebear and Spaklejet. At Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden. 5 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • Kuppajoe Final Show.
    W/Lakes (San Luis Obispo, Ca), The Soma Holidays (reunion set), Sleepover Disaster and Brother Luke and the Comrades and Swimming In Paint. At Kuppajoe. 7:30 p.m. $6-$8. All ages. (Flier link)

  • The Suppressors.
    W/The Easy In. At Peeve’s Public House. 8:30 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • Stay Wild.
    W/Common War, Sleeve, Chokeslam at Make Way. At C.A.F.E. Infoshop. 8 p.m. $5 donation. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Acrylics.
    Matinee show at Tower District Records. 2 p.m. Free.

  • Leaving Austin.
    W/The Crossing. At Audies’ Olympic. 9 p.m. $7. (Flier link)

  • Kings of Blackstone.
    Music at Gazebo Gardens. 6 p.m. Free.

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    BANDGEEK!: Patrick (Contreras), (Tijuana) Panthers and the Parlor Mob

    From the sound of things, a lot of you are planning on watching “Fifty Shades of Grey.” That’s cool. When you’re done, there is plenty of music to be had. We’ve collected this week’s concerts in another installment of BANDGEEEEEK!


  • Tijuana Panthers.
    W/Massenger, Dirty Limbs. At Strummer’s. 8 p.m. $10. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Tecumseh Release Party.
    W/DJ AESOP, Bitter Buffalo and Sleeve. At Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden. 5 p.m. Free.

  • EZ Mark’s Honky Tonk.
    Sing and play. At Full Circle Brewing Co. 5:30 p.m. Free.

  • Tyler Edwards.
    At Full Circle Brewing Co. 8 p.m. Price TBD.

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    BANDGEEK!: Pinback, Wailin’ Jennys and a ’90s slaughter

    You may want to travel some this weekend, while the gas is still cheap. Or, you can just take your car to one (or more) of the awesome concerts happening through the week. Here’s a handy-dandy compiled list for you. Here’s your BANDGEEEEEK!


  • Feed Our Future Benefit.
    W/ Barry McGuire, Terry Talbot, Steph Stoltenberg, Eva Scow, Ray Haney, Carl Deese, Jimmy McCartey, Roger Perry and the Terry Talbot Student Band. At Tower Theatre. 7:30 p.m. $18.50-$53.50. (Flier link)

  • Fresno’s Disco Night.
    W/DJ Mr. Leonard and Conor Miles. At Fulton 55. 9 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • Trails and Ways.
    W/Conversation. At Peeve’s Public House. 8:30 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Conversation.
    Tower District Records in-store performance. 6 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Healers.
    W/Midwest Moms, Acrylics and Aubrey. At Studio Itz. 7 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Sahab.
    W/Zee Will and Eddie G. At Liquid Fetish. 8 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

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    Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

    You probably shouldn’t see “The Boy Next Door.” So …

    1. Elvis tributes
    Elvis has been dead for close to four decades and still gets a pair of kick-ass birthday parties. You have to respect that.

    2. Fulton 55 four year anniversary weekend
    Four years? Seems like the downtown club has been around longer than that.

    3. Urban Hop
    Come get schooled on downtown Fresno. Seriously, there is free stuff and you’ll be in a big group.

    4. Roy Orbison
    Because it’s suddenly on my mind: Have you heard Celine Dion’s version of “I Drove All Night?”

    5.1915-2015: Tradition, Legacy, Culture
    The first of many events planned to help raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide of 1915. One-point-five million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turkish government.

    BANDGEEK!: Prince, Presley and Roy Orbison

    While I am trying figure out whether to care about this whole deflate-gate thing (I also heard it referred to as the much funnier ball-gate), you’ll all be checking out one of the awesome concerts happening in town this week. Right? We’ve collated them again in out weekly BANDGEEEEEEK! roundup.


  • Fulton 55 4th Anniv. Party.
    W/The Purple Ones. At Fulton 55. 8:30 p.m. $13-$16. (Flier link)

  • Agent Orange.
    W/The Infirmities and Plot. At Strummer’s. 8 p.m. $10-$12. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Jordon Page.
    At Peeve’s. 8 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • Tumbao.
    W/Menneo, Erika Nicole and Torres Castro. At Cellar Door Visalia. 9 p.m. $10. (Flier link)

  • Gristle.
    W/Wally Don’t Bite, Descend Factor and The Tripatronix. At Audie’s Olympic. 9 p.m. $6.

  • Slow Season.
    W/Bitter Buffalo and Werebear. At Kelly’s Beach, Reedley. 9 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • Smoked Fish.
    Music at Gazebo Garden. 6 p.m. Free. All ages.

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    Bandgeek: Queen Nation, motown and John McCutcheon

    You may want to spend the weekend getting caught up on the Oscar-nominated films showing. Be sure to set aside some time for music. Here’s a list of this week’s local concerts, collated in our BANDGEEEEK! roundup.


  • Skunkdub.
    W/ONE oz and MKC. At Fulton 55. 8 p.m. $5-$8.

  • American Guitar Masters.
    A touring concert series w/Peter Janson and Steve Davison. At Full Circle Brewing Co. 8 p.m. $21.

  • Fresno’s Monthly Motown Night.
    W/The Experience. Plus DJ Mr. Leonard, Conor Miles and Josh Barrera. At Audie’s Olympic Tavern. 9 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • VVomen.
    Brave Season, Midwest Moms, Effort/Recover and Sleeve. At The Escape from Milf Mountain. 8 p.m. $2. (Flier link)

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    BANDGEEK: Haunted Summer, Mane Horse and Dictators NYC

    Sad to say, it’ll still be another 10 years (at least) before you’ll get to take high-speed rail anywhere to see a good show. That’s fine though, because there is plenty to see right here, right now. I’ve collected this week’s music options in another installment of BANDGEEEEEK!


  • The Notones.
    After Art-Hop party. At Peeve’s Public House. 9 p.m. Free.

  • Karen Marguth and David Aus.
    The Art of the Song. At Bloo Hookah Lounge. 7 p.m. Free. (Flier link)

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends.
    W/Brave City, Santa Mira and Brave At Last. At CYC. 7 p.m. $5. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Mane Horse.
    W/Stateless, Meet me in Montauk, Sleep Spindles, Cabin Fire and Chokeslam. At The Escape to Milf Mountain. 6 p.m. $2. (Flier link)

  • EZ Mark’s Honky Tonk.
    At Full circle Brewing Company. 5:30 p.m. Free.

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    Alien Ant Farm plays ’50 Shades of Blaze’ Valentine’s show at Fulton 55

    On the heels of this morning’s Catacomb Party lineup announcement, word comes that alt-rock/metal band Alien Art Farm will return to Fulton 55 Feb. 14 for the “50 Shades of Blaze Valentine’s Ball.”

    The show, sponsored by 105.1 the Blaze, in conjunction with the Artourtage promotions team, will feature performances on both floors of the venue from eight local acts including the return of the rock band Stoneshiver, plus Sharks of Dance, Llama Boy and more. Tickets for the show are $20 and on sale now.

    Alien Ant Farm is best known (to me at least) for its funked-up metal version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” The band has a new album in the works, which is available for pre-order.

    Get nostalgic and check out the video for “Smooth Criminal” on the jump.

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    Five Things You Should Do This Weekend


    Now that the New Year’s Eve celebrations are over …

    1. The Art of the Forty, Part 2
    “I ain’t drank a forty since I became old enough to drink.”

    2. The Pretty Flowers
    The new indie-rock project from drummer (and Fresno expat) Eli Reyes.

    3. Bethel Jazz Mass
    For those who find listening to jazz a spiritual experience.

    4. Fresno Hip-Hop Showcase
    Will 2015 be a big year for hip-hop in Fresno? Show up and see.

    5. “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
    Good Company Players takes on this Tony-award winning Broadway play. It’s a comedy.

    Catacomb Party organizers talk NYE ’69


    The organizers behind the annual Catacomb Party music festival are masters of creating atmosphere, of taking a space (a stretch of the Fulton Mall for example) and turning it something else.

    The environment becomes the event.

    Last year, the team collaborated with Fresno Dance Collective to create a New Year’s Eve dance party in the Banker’s Ballroom in the Pacific Southwest Building, complete with aerial dance and art installations.

    This year, they take over Fulton 55 for NYE ’69 a retro dance party, full of funk, soul and disco.

    I emailed the group to find out what exactly is in store.

    What inspired the theme for the night?

    The night was inspired by our unrequited love for classic Motown-era soul, funk and disco. We were already working on a New Year’s party but after seeing the success of the monthly Motown night at Audie’s [Olympic Tavern] we approached the organizers, Mr. Leonard and Conor Miles, to bring their energy to Fulton 55 for an all out ’60′s themed affair. We thought it would be mega fun to celebrate by dropping the ball on 1969 and welcoming the ’70s, with all the flair and insanity of epic party scenes like Studio 54 (which was also the inspiration for Fulton 55′s branding).

    That, and the venue said we could do whatever we wanted.

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    Five Things You Should Do New Year’s Eve


    There’s a comprehensive look at New Year’s events over at The Bee, but here is a quick list of things you might want to do.

    1. Catacomb’s NYE ’69
    The gang behind the Catacomb Party (and last year’s NYE NOCO collab at the Pacific Southwest Ballroom) are taking over Fulton 55 to recreate New Year’s Eve 1969.

    2. Erna’s Elderberry House
    If you’re going to splurge on a meal, make it five stars, right?

    3. Chuck Leonard/Trey Tosh at Mono Wind Casino
    The Central Valley Buzz host has a party bus headed up the hill and (if you are brave) you can hop on. Once there, you’ll get live music from Trey Tosh.

    4. “Portraits” at Cuvee
    The Tower District lounge will have more than 20 Champagne/sparkling wine options for the night, including the Moet Imperial, at a mere $890.

    5. Stay home
    Let’s face it, some years being around actual people is just too much.

    Five Things To Do This Weekend


    If you’re not recovering from Christmas, planning for New Year’s Eve or seeing “The Interview,” how about …

    1. “Silent Night, Deadly Night
    A post-Christmas alternative dance party by the DJs behind Meatball Magic.

    2. Maintain, w/Mike Efex
    For those who like their dance music electronic.

    3. Sh&%ty Christmas Episode III
    Sort of like The Misfats, only here all the songs are about poop.

    4. Kat Jones
    Support a Fresno expat.

    5. Ice Skate (indoors or out)
    It’s winter. Act like it.

    BANDGEEK: Feliz Skavidad, Fashawn and From Indian Lakes


    Since you won’t be seeing “The Interview,” you’ll have plenty of time to catch a live music show. We’ve collected a full list of what’s around town this week on another BANDGEEEEEK! roundup.


  • StradivariKingOfStrings.
    W/Halo The Human. At Fulton 55. 8:30 p.m. $6-$8. (Flier link)

  • Lisa’s Big Night Out.
    At the Patio Cafe. 6 p.m. Free.

  • Ugly Lovers.
    W/Double Jinx and Olive Avenue. At C.A.F.E. Infoshop. 7:30 p.m. $5 donation. All ages. (Flier link)

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    BANDGEEK: Fab Four, Molotov and Dance Gavin Dance


    We’ve hit the holiday season full on. Time management becomes critical, especially if you want to fit in a couple of live music events.

    Lucky for you, we’ve once again done the heavy lifting and collected them for you in our handy-dandy BANDGEEK roundup.


  • The Jacktones.
    W/Jimmie O. At Fulton 55. 8:30 p.m. $6-$8. (Flier link)

  • Denitia and Sene.
    W/Gentle Jaime and Naelma. At Peeve’s Public House. 8:30 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • Arthop at Studio Itz.
    W/Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries, Werebear, Santa Mira and Satellite Era. At Studio Itz. 7 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

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    Weekday concerts alert: Jazz, pop-punk, rock and roll


    Those who don’t get The Bee dropped on their doorsteps each morning may have missed the extensive calendar of “Don’t Miss” events that ran in today’s paper. Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of events happening this month.

    It kicks off tonight, with the first in a trio of noteworthy mid-week concerts.

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    BANDGEEK!: Breathe Carolina and Jazz Composers, The Soil and the Sun

    Lookit here, forgo the leftovers, forget about the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday business. Go see one of these awesome live music performances. We’ve collated them for y’all in another installment of The Beehive’s weekly BANDGEEK roundup.


  • 40 Watt Hype.
    W/Patrick Contreras and White Glove Service. At Fulton 55. 8 p.m. $8-$10. (Flier link)

  • Mezcal.
    W/La Marcha. At Cellar Door, Visalia. 9:30 p.m. $10. (Flier link)

  • SJV X DIY premier show.
    W/Reunion Crew, Grow, Make Way, Chokeslam, The River Wilde, Urgency and Step For Change. At CYC. 7 p.m. $5. (Flier link)

  • Vox Mera.
    At Peeve’s Public House. 8 p.m. Free. All ages.

  • Good Medicine.
    Music at Gazebo Gardens. 6 p.m. Free. All ages.

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  • Concert announcements: Bush, Chris Tomlin schedule Fresno dates


    Here’s a couple of quick concert announcements we picked up this morning:

    First up is Bush, Gavin Rossdale’s ’90s alternative “grunge” band, which plays an acoustic show Dec. 9 at Fulton 55.

    The show, presented by New Rock 104.1 as a pre-Christmas party, will also feature acoustic sets from up-and-coming indie-pop act Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and singer-songwriter Meg Myers. Tickets are $10.41 and are on sale Monday at Fulton 55 box office and Tower District Records, or online at

    Fans have to wait until April to see Christian singer Chris Tomlin, who announced his “Love Ran Red” tour will stop at the Save Mart Center April 16. Tickets are $28.50-$38.50 and available at noon today at the arena box office, select Save Mart Supermarkets, online at or on the phone at (800) 745-3000. Tomlin, who has 10 No. 1 singles, 18 Dove Awards and three Grammy nominations, played was in town last year on his “Burning Lights Tour.”

    BANDGEEK!: Winter Jam, The Kin and “Kittysiclosis”

    The election is over (sort of). Feel free to go back to not caring about politics for another two years. That’ll leave you plenty of time to enjoy any of the live music happenings this week.

    Here they are, compiled in our weekly BANDGEEEK roundup. Enjoy!


  • Sahab.
    “Kittysiclosis,” release show. W/Zee Will. At Peeve’s Public House. 9 p.m. Free. All ages. (Flier link)

  • Soft-Spoken.
    W/WaterBox Inc. and The Morning Drive. At Fulton 55. 9 p.m. $6-$8. (Flier link)

  • Fortunate Youth.
    W/The Expanders, Thrive and One Oz. At Strummer’s. 8 p.m. $10. All ages.

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    Concert fundraiser for local guitarist Perry Hodge


    Sad news for the local music scene.

    Perry Hodge, a guy who has been a vital part of scene since the 1980s, is in the hospital. And it looks to be bad. Currently, he’s too ill to perform, which is devastating (financially at the very least) for someone who makes their living as a musician.

    To help defray medical bills and costs of living (and other costs that are sure to arise) Fulton 55 will be hosting a benefit concert 4:30 p.m. Nov. 7.

    Details on the show are still being worked out, but expect performances from Hodge’s friends and band mates and others in the scene. Tickets will be on sale soon via Fulton 55 (online and at door). If you cannot attend but want to contribute or you wish to donate a significant amount, you will be able to do so via Fulton 55′s website.

    I’d met Perry a couple of times, but was able to perform with him earlier this year when he stepped in to play the role of Malcolm Young (or was it Angus) in my AC/DC tribute band. The guy is a pro in a way that I can only aspire to be. His presence from the scene will no doubt be heavily felt.

    From the Facebook event page:

    From his fresh lyrics in The Lone Wolf Gang with Joe Rosato; to thrilling harmonies and mean guitar in Roger Perry’s various bands; to all encompassing variety in Vince Warner’s Rockville and Beatleville, Perry Hodge is a Fresno Music Scene staple … Please come out to celebrate his life, his love of music, and his gift of sharing it all with us. We are indeed forever changed and grateful for the time we have with Mr. Perry Lee Hodge.

    Watch Hodge on stage with Beatleville on the jump.

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