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Fres-Know: We’re the people’s champ

VOTE: In this year’s People Choice Awards, which are now open. [People’s Choice 2013

YAY FRESNO: Fresno gets IBM “Smarter Cities” grant, $400,000 worth of consulting. [The Bee]

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET: A blog with a lofty goal — Million Cool Things Fresno. [MCTF]

SPEAK YOUR MIND: A call for ideas to improve Fresno. [Fresno Future]

MAKIN’ THE VALLEY PROUD: Olympian boxer Jose Ramirez turns pro. [The Bee]

COMING SOON: Season 2 of foodie web series “What’s Good, Fresno.” [YouTube]

YELP REVIEW OF THE WEEK:  Dude one-stars Piemonte’s, says it’s in decline. [Yelp]

FOLLOW UP: Fresno sweders featured on G4 TV’s “Attack of the Show.” [G4]

WATCH THIS: Fashawn’s new video, “Diamonds & Girls.” [YouTube]

CAN’T BEAT THE PRICE: This weekend’s Central California Auto Show is free. [The Bee]

YOUTUBE RANT OF THE WEEK: Six-minutes of complaining about a Fresno driver. [YouTube]

Tonight: Gotta Love Fresno’s booze battle


Creative Fresno’s Bartender Challenge is back and it’s a menage a trois of boozeslinging, as the three flagship shows from battle to bring in the bucks behind the bar.

The event pits Nothing to Do, See Saw Seen and Who Eats Brunch in an epic battle at Brick, which is the former Heroes, now all jazzed up.

Winners are decided by tips and money raised at the event goes to Creative Fresno’s mural project.

I’ve had the occasion of drink alcohol with gents from all of these programs and I can attest they are all fine imbibers — but it’ll be interesting to see whose can mix the best drink. Given the contestants, I’m guessing they’ve got something creative planned to get your money.

Wish you were here: launch event

The Valley’s new online video portal — I wrote about previously here — got its official launch this morning at downtown eatery Brick. Mayor Ashley Swearengin introduced the new site and many of the local folks who create content for the site were there to mingle. The Bee’s John Walker was there too — to snap some photos. See his entire gallery here.


Check out for its new original web shows — including Nothing To Do, which I appear on each week.

Google Fiber goes to … Kansas City

After lots of campaigning and months of waiting, Google has announced the first city to get its ultra-high-speed Google Fiber internet service. As hard as we tried, it wasn’t Fresno. Kansas City, population 145,000, got the nod from Google.

Wrote Google, on its blog:

In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations. We’ve found this in Kansas City. We’ll be working closely with local organizations including the Kauffman Foundation, KCNext and the University of Kansas Medical Center to help develop the gigabit applications of the future.

Here’s the video announcement:

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Beef: HiS Magazine vs. Fresno Magazine

As I mentioned the other day, HiS Magazine has finally joined the Fresno Internets. It’s part of a whole attitude change happening over at HiS lately. Speaking of attitude, the new HiS is coming out swinging — at Fresno Magazine. Check out the blurb below from HiS’ “Cool vs. Crap” section (click to enlarge). We’ve had our bouts with Fresno Mag, so I’m not here to judge. But I certainly will grab some popcorn and watch this play out.


Will Fresno Mag respond? Unfortunately, HiS doesn’t appear to have a comments section for a certain magazine editor to show up and spout off. But I guess Fresno Mag is kinda, sorta blogging these days, so maybe there? Either way, can’t wait.

Nominate your local web faves for a Frebby


Fresno is getting its own best-of-the-web ceremony later this month with the inaugural Frebby Awards.

It’s happening Sept. 23 at the Downtown Club. But before the trophies (pictured) are handed out, organizers are looking for people to share their local Web favorites.

We at The Beehive, being promoters of all the goodness oozing out of the local Internets, feel obligated to give you this one particular command — NOMINATE!

There are six core categories — Inspiration, Commerce, Communication, Action, Connection, Informational. The goal of the awards is to spotlight innovation and creativity. More specifically, from the Frebby site, to: “honor the best online practices in design, creativity, usability and functionality, as well as the individuals, businesses and organizations using them.” A panel of judges will ultimately decide the winners.

If that sounds way too serious, then you can also have some fun with the name-your-own honorable mentions. Anybody can create a category, so there are never-ending possibilities. For example, I nominated @KMJNOW for best use of caps lock.

So get to it, Fresno web-surfers. Nominations are open through Sept. 15.

Picture Fresno: Snap ‘em, post ‘em, win


We’ve become a society of shutterbugs, constantly taking pictures with our cell phones and digital cameras, then sharing them all over the web.

Well, Fresnans, you now have one more place to share your photos. And this one comes with prizes. Picture Fresno launched last week, as a “photo journey of life in and around Fresno.” It plans to host weekly themed competitions. Members of the public, regardless of photo skill and experience, can enter their favorite photos for free and hope they impress Picture Fresno’s panel of judges. (Head over to the site for a more detailed FAQ)

The first week’s theme is “celebration.” The winner gets Fresno Grizzlies tickets and a gift certificate to Yosemite Ranch. Entries are due by 10 p.m. Sunday, so get to snappin’ those pics this weekend.

Today The Bee launched a new photo site of its own — Picture This. You can check out galleries from our staff photogs, watch videos, download wallpapers and buy prints. I suggest you check out the panoramas, like this one of the underground gardens.

Cross Streets: Kings Canyon & Peach

Here’s the latest, hilarious installment of Cross Streets, by the Dumb Drum guys. Hands down, it’s the best video series on the Fresno Internets. This time, they head out to my ‘hood: Sunnyside. Oh, and remember they got their Swede Fest coming up this weekend.

Not mentioned: I heard there’s gonna be a Wing Stop over there soon. That’s worth a man-hug, methinks.

First & Shields | Fresno & G | The Belmont Loop | Willow & Friant

Fres-Know: The local Internets are giving you lots of new stuff

It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.


The food-minded folks over at Taste Fresno unveiled a fancy new site yesterday, where they’ll gladly take your local restaurant reviews and favorite recipes — like bacon-covered cinnamon rolls. We apologize in advance for making you hungry. [Taste Fresno]

NAME THAT FRESNO LANDMARK: Another Fresno-centric site to add to your bookmarks is Picture Fresno. It’s quite fun — they show you a small portion of a photo from a recognizable Fresno landmark and you have to guess what it is. [Picture Fresno]

THE FUSION REMAINS: We thought Fresno Fusion has disappeared, but from the looks of things the Downtown-centric site is still hanging on and has something new in the works. We’ll be watching. [Fresno Fusion]

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Check out The Bee’s new entertainment site


Hey Beehive readers, we’re happy to announce a new Web offering from The Bee. It’s our new arts & entertainment site. We’re calling it 7, just like our printed Friday entertainment section.

Basically, it’s the place to find all the local entertainment content you see in print — with audio, video and Beehive posts mixed in.

Click over to the site, or check out the screenshot below:

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