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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

If you’re lucky enough to have sold-out Of Monsters and Men concert tickets, add that.

Since the Fresno Handmade Bazaar was such a success earlier this year, organizers The Soulflower Group have crafted a seasonal sequel — Saturday’s Fresno Handmade Holiday Bazaar. You can buy gifts — for you or your fam — handmade by Fresno’s indie artisans. This ain’t your grandma’s craft fair, though. It’s in a club with a DJ and drinks. Keep in mind that it’s only open to the 21+. [More]

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Weekend Rewind: Fresno Handmade Bazaar FTW!


Maybe now people won’t question Devoya Mayo and her ideas.

This weekend’s Fresno Handmade Bazaar at Fulton 55 was a big success. It was an idea that Mayo wanted to start in 2007, but couldn’t get any love from the local scene.

Five years later, with the help of her Soulflower Group cohorts and crafty local ladies like Alexa Westerfield, the bazaar became the most-attended event at Fulton 55. It brought more than 800 people through the doors on Saturday afternoon to shop for handmade goods made by local folks.

You can read more about it on The Swell Life, which is Westerfield’s blog.

We just figured this warranted a little follow-up to celebrate the can-do attitude and craftiness of Fresnans. I think it’s worth re-posting this quote from Mayo that I used at the end of my Friday column: “If you want to have something different, think about it and make it happen.”

[photo: Alexa Westerfield / The Swell Life]

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than watching them movie stars collect awards.

Saturday’s Fresno Handmade Bazaar at Fulton 55 is a good chance to connect with Fresno’s indie craft scene — and considering the popularity Etsy and Pinterest these days, it’s right on time. There are about 30 vendors, some DJs and speciality cocktails. So it goes without saying, this ain’t your grandma’s craft fair. Read the story behind the bazaar and how it’s an idea five years in the making. [Tickets]


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