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Viralling: The sweded ‘Iron Man 3′ trailer is all up in your Internets

Looks like they did it again. The “Iron Man 3″ trailer that was sweded by Fresno nerds The Dumb Drum and debuted at Sunday’s Swede Fest X at Tower Theatre, is all over the Internet. You might recall their previous efforts, particularly their sweded “Avengers” trailer, have conquered the geekiest corners of the web and racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

So far, their “Iron Man 3″ swede has been featured on the front page of Buzzfeed, YahooMTV Geek, The Superficial, First Showing, Devour, I Am BoredUproxx, iGeekTrooper,  Vulture and Slash Film, which declared it better than a Jimmy Fallon sweded trailer. This list and the vid’s view count — currently 15,000 in about a day — should continue to grow. Help that by watching the video below:

On a Swede Fest note: Organizers Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez say Sunday’s event, its first at Tower Theatre, drew 500 people, which is a good crowd for the Tower, which seats about 761.  Other swedes from the festival should be up today. Check