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Downtown revitalization — Spiderman style


Downtown Fresno has a new leader and a new logo/marketing campaign, so you might be expecting some big things down there. Well, how’s this for big? The Downtown Fresno Partnership is raising money by offering people the chance to rappel down the city’s best known and tallest building, the Pacific Southwest Building.

Downtown revitalization from the Spiderman playbook? Sweet.

“Where else are you going to see people rappelling down a 15-story building besides downtown Fresno?” says Kate Borders, who was imported late last year from Milwaukee to take over president/CEO of what is now the Downtown Fresno Partnership.

This will happen at a June 16 event called Over the Edge. People who want to climb down the building need to raise $1,000 through pledges from friends/family/etc — kinda like Kickstarter.

Money raised will be used to fund future projects from the Fresno Downtown Partnership, specifically an outdoor ice rink that’s being eyed for the 2012 holiday season. (That sounds cool too, doesn’t it?)

Because you’re probably wondering: Yes, an outside company that specifically handles building-scaling is behind this, making sure everything is safe and proper. If you want to sign up to potentially to go Over the Edge, go here. If you want to sponsor someone, then go here.