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Fres-Know: All the links that are fit to click

SHAMELESS: Hey, follow us on Instagram, K? [Instagram]

THE LATEST: On the deadly workplace shooting in Fresno on Tuesday. [The Bee]

ICYMI: Chilling and heartbreaking story about Tuesday’s tragic events. [The Bee]

NEWS: Fire damages Clovis West High School. [The Bee]

DID THEY JUST SAY FRESNO? Fresno fashion blogger gets shout-out in New York Times. [NYT]

NEWS: City council OKs pieces of Mayor Swearengin’s downtown plan. [The Bee]

WTF HANFORD: Dude goes on rampage, smashing car windows, assaulting cops. [The Bee]

WTF VISALIA: Visalia HS student makes a ‘Racists reactions to Obama victory’ list. [Jezebel]

COOL: Fresno Grizzlies and downtown charter school partner for community garden. [Grizzlies]

LISTEN TO THIS: New single from Fresno rapper Fashawn. [Soundcloud]

PEACE OUT: Two Fresno TV personalities jetting for new jobs. [The Bee]

WELCOME: New local publication, Fresno Life Magazine. [The Business Journal]

YELPER OF THE WEEK: Stave S., whose thoughtful and thorough reviews are a joy. [Yelp]

ALREADY: Bee letter writer starts campaigning for Bush/Rice 2016. [The Bee]

WATCH THIS: “The Drop” video series features Halo the Human. [AlwaysMusicTV]

Grizzlies vs. Bloggers … softball style

Last Friday night, your Fresno Blogosphere played underdog to the Fresno Grizzlies front office staff in a softball game. I don’t know the actual score at the end of the game — but let’s just say it wasn’t that close. We can say with pride, however, that it was 5-4 at one point. We’ll blame what happened after that on the Tecate tall cans.

Regardless, we had a great time playing and are hoping for a re-match in the spring. Now, I can cross “playing baseball at The Chuk” off my Fresno bucket list. Here’s a great video by the guys at Dead in 60 Years. Below is a Little League-style team picture.

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Fres-Know: Blackstone hotels hate us too

WATCH THIS: The naked guy from “Borat” loves him some Fresno. [Khanversations]

NEWS: Family says Visalia church shooter was mentally ill. [The Bee]

GOOD READ: After shooting, Visalia Times Delta scolds online commenters. [VTD]

NEWS: Sounds like Fresno State athletics needs $5 mil. Kickstarter anyone? [The Bee]

YUM: The newer, bigger Charlotte’s Bakery opens today in the Tower [Facebook]

BLOGGINGS: Introducing a new blog dedicated to loving Fresno [We Heart Fresno]

LOOK AT THIS: Slideshow of the Rainbow Ballroom — and its hidden pool. [The Bee]

GOOD READ: You know Fashawn; meet his crew: Grafik and Bravo. [Fresno Famous]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR O’ THE DAY: Devin Nunes rules, Fresno Bee drools. [The Bee]

GO TO THIS: Creative Fresno’s monthly blender this Friday. [Creative Fresno]

LISTEN TO THIS: Your first taste of Niilo Smeds’ new band [High Winds]

Bloggin’ around the clock


One Fresno blog — the World of Meh — is in for a marathon day come Saturday. They’re participating in a “blogathon” in which a new post will go up every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. Our fingers are tired even thinking about it.

It’s all for a good cause. The World of Meh — which covers “gaming and everything related to geek culture” — is asking its readers to donate money to One Love for Chi, a foundation for Deftones bass player Chi Cheng. Cheng suffered a traumatic brain injury after a 2008 car accident and has been semi-conscious ever since.

Every dollar donated gives you one raffle ticket. The World of Meh has lined up a bunch of prizes, like “Band Hero” from Activision, and they’ll be picking random winners all day. To learn more about how the raffle works, head over here. (SIDENOTE: Deftones are in town next weekend, playing Woodward Park.)

From one blog to another — may you not get carpal tunnel this weekend, World of Meh.

Fres-Know: We’re watching your back


NEWS: Debate between Whitman/Brown (not pictured) may come to Fresno. [The Bee]

GOOD READ: George Hostetter goes hipster, checks out Frank’s Place. [News Blog]

AMUSEMENT: Double Rainbow + cakes = fun. [Cake Wrecks]

ODD NEWS: Truck dumps burning garbage on Fresno street. [The Bee]

BLOG: Fresno blogger retires. Possibly Brett Favre style. [Bench Dog]

WANT: The Griz unveil Buster Posey bobblehead. [Fresno Grizzlies]

VOTE: For local band Motel Drive to … open for Hanson. [Our Stage]

TOTALLY UNRELATED: Little girl gets photobombed by humpin’ giraffes. [Daily What]

Zack Follett: Linebacker, fundraiser, blogger


Zack Follett, the Clovis-bred linebacker for the NFL’s Detroit Lions, is doing his part for Haiti relief — auctioning off his pair of Super Bowl tickets.

The story has been covered from the pages of The Bee to the Detroit Free Press. Follett, who is currently back in the Fresno/Clovis area for the offseason, figured his Super Bowl tickets had legs as a fundraiser. He’s working with to auction them. As I write this, they’re at $3,025 with two days and nine hours left in the auction.

In addition to football, Follett is also a woodworker, so he created a custom Super Bowl XLIV piece that includes a game-used ball and gloves that’s included in the auction.

He’s been chronicling the everything on his blog — Does this make him the first pro athlete in the Fresno blogosphere? He is totally NOT invited to Blogger Olympics.

Fres-Know: Out with the old, in with the new

It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.


31 DAYS OF FRESNO: If your New Year’s Resolution is to love Fresno a little more, then check out the 31 Days of Fresno blog project. Kim Schuller came up with the idea of celebrating her favorite Fresno things for the 31 days of January after all the Fresno dissin’ of late. So far, so good. [31 Days of Fresno]

31 MORE DAYS OF FRESNO: At least one other local has picked up the 31 Days idea (Any more? Let us know). This one, by Ryne Santos, gives a different perspective on the good of Fresno. [31 Days of Fresno]

FRESLOCAL: James Collier is starting his new year with a video/blog project called Freslocal, where he’s trying to consume only local things for a month, then talking about the ups, the downs and the new discoveries. [James Collier]

FUTURISTIC: Famous Whitewater puts on his fancy I-can-see-the-future glasses and offers up a look into Fresno, the 2010 version [Fresno Famous]

YEAR IN PICTURES: The Bee’s photo staff has released its “2009: The Year in Pictures” slideshow with music by Patrick Contreras. Awesome stuff. [Bee There]

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The ‘World Class’ link-o-rama

Donald Munro and I put together an story in today’s Bee that looks into Fresno’s brand platform, the supposed “Be World Class. Be Fresno” slogan and the reaction from the local community.

If you’re just now joining this dialog, we figured you might need some of the background on this fiasco. So here are some links:

- Here’s the original Beehive post with the link to the USA Today article.
- Missed the Jay Leno jab? See it here.
- Read all about the Fresno Brand Platform.
- Jeff Eben and the CVB put together these videos courting attention from late-night TV.
- Here’s the official statement from Eben and CVB, released on Tuesday afternoon.
- Want more info on the grassroots 31 Days of Fresno campaign? There’s one on Facebook and one on Tumblr.
- You might also want to read blog posts from Barry Falke, James Collier, The Fresnan, Fresno Famous and The Daily Dues.

If you’ve got something to say, you’re invited to our comment section. Be sure to make yours world class.