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John Krasinski never can say goodbye

This is the last season for the NBC comedy “The Office” but you wouldn’t know it by talking to John Krasinski, whose played Jim Halpert since 2005. It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate what the series has done for his career. It’s just that the actor has elected not to think about the show’s finale.

“I was the same way with Steve Carrell’s last day. Leading up to the last episode, people were getting really emotional. Everyone was crying around me. In my head I was think that his contract is up and this is real life. The way the shooting went, I had the last scene of the day with him,” Krasinski says. “They called action and I just broke down. I walked over and hugged him which was not in the script at all. Somewhere they have footage of two grown men having an existential meltdown.”

Krasinski was ready to give up acting before “The Office” job came along. He and his parents had agreed that if he didn’t think acting was going to be the career for him after a couple of years, he would quite and look for a real job like being an English teacher. A few months short of his deadline, Krasinski called home and said he thought it was time to end his acting quest.

“My mom said that there are only a few months left in the year and I should just stick it out until then. Three weeks later, I go the job on ‘The Office’,” Krasinski says.

He might not be thinking about the end of the TV show, but Krasinski’s already working on what he will be doing when he doesn’t have to go to work every day. On weekends when he wasn’t working on the TV show, Krasinski collaborated with Matt Damon to write the script for the upcoming feature film “Promised Land.”