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Fres-Know: The ‘Scoopy for President’ edition

WATCH THIS: Latest episode of  “Nothing to Do.” [GottaLoveFresno]

NEWS: City Council votes down Mayor’s requested dough for downtown. [The Bee]

ENDORSED: Obama’s second term by The Bee’s editorial board. [The Bee]

CHECK THIS: Parker’s trip to the San Francisco Giants victory parade. [Storify]

THIS WEEKEND: Two Cities Marathon. Plan your church routes carefully, Northsiders. [The Bee]

VINTAGE: A look back at the 1939 Fresno State football jerseys. [Uni Watch]

WATCH THIS: New promo for next weekend’s Swede Fest. [YouTube]

PWNED: Fresno Teachers Association, by Bill McEwen [The Bee]

ANNOUNCED: Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals’ annual honorees, banquet. [FLYP]

FROM THE BLOGROLL: Livening up your Day of the Dead. [Fashionably Bombed]

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than sitting directly in front of your fan.

Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals — or FLYP — has an interesting fund-raiser Saturday night at Frank’s Place (next to Warnors Theatre). It’s a ‘20s-era prohibition party, with drinks and “gambling.” Think “Boardwalk Empire.” There’s a narrative too. Watch the promo video we posted yesterday and don’t be surprised if “the law” gets winds of the party. [More]


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Fres-Know: Stiffer than your grandpa’s moonshine

WATCH: Promo video for FLYP’s Prohibition Party this Saturday. [YouTube]

NEWS: B-ball coach LeBeau has first court appearance. [The Bee]

KNOW THIS: Where the cooling centers are in the Fresno area. [The Bee]

VOTE: Fresno, Sanger or Los Banos for baseball field makeover. [Toyota]

WTF FRESNO NEWS OF THE WEEK: Meth is a helluva drug. [The Bee]

BLOGGINGS: Huge casino on the Fulton Mall? Jim Boren ponders. [Opinion Talk]

SPORTS: It’s almost football season, so the ‘Dogs blog is busy. [‘Dogs Blitz]

EVENT: Can the Valley become a top cultural tourism capital? [Eventbrite]

WIN: Tickets to Dino Nite at Chaffee Zoo on Sept. 8. [Lennar]

NEW EATS: Grillmasters BBQ in Clovis is open. [The Bee]

ANGRY YELPER OF THE WEEK: “Good luck if he washed his hands.” [Yelp]

FRESNO MEME OF THE WEEK: Our own ecard. [Facebook]

FRESNO MEME OF THE WEEK 2: On Fresno haters — NSFW. [@brodiemash]

Where do you make friends in Fresno?

Welcome To Fresno.jpg

I don’t know Lindsay, but she tells me in an e-mail she moved to Fresno last month and needs a little bit of help getting a start.

She says: “I’ve moved a lot and I’m pretty good at making friends and sussing out things to do and places to go, etc, but Fresno is proving to be a challenge.”

She says she’s skimmed Post No Bills. Checked out And met with some runners. But she still wants more — and I’m sure some people out there can relate.

Specifically, she asks:

Where’s the friendliest place in Fresno? Where can a newcomer feel at home? Where do Fresnoans (is that the right descriptor?) think that a person (anyone!) could show up alone and meet new friends? What’s with the general indifference and appalling level of cliqueishness? Keep in mind that new people don’t always have a ride or a dd or $ for a taxi so maybe suggestions should branch outside of alcohol-related events. Fresno’s DUI arrest record has not escaped my notice! Otherwise, I’d have myself at every wine tasting and happy hour in this city.

I thought this would be a good topic for the Beehive braintrust. So let’s hear what suggestions you guys have. I’ll start it off by suggesting a mixer for Creative Fresno or FLYP. Maybe wandering ArtHop. Or, heck, maybe joining that kickball league, or going to the Fresno Pétanque Club. More ideas, friendly Fresnans?

[photo: Francisco Vargas‘ ‘Welcome to Fresno’ mural]

Fres-Know: The local Internets are giving you lots of new stuff

It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.


The food-minded folks over at Taste Fresno unveiled a fancy new site yesterday, where they’ll gladly take your local restaurant reviews and favorite recipes — like bacon-covered cinnamon rolls. We apologize in advance for making you hungry. [Taste Fresno]

NAME THAT FRESNO LANDMARK: Another Fresno-centric site to add to your bookmarks is Picture Fresno. It’s quite fun — they show you a small portion of a photo from a recognizable Fresno landmark and you have to guess what it is. [Picture Fresno]

THE FUSION REMAINS: We thought Fresno Fusion has disappeared, but from the looks of things the Downtown-centric site is still hanging on and has something new in the works. We’ll be watching. [Fresno Fusion]

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