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Robert Pattinson gets special meal

Last week, I was sitting in the hospitality suite at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles that was being used for the press day for the upcoming “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2.” I was waiting for my interview with Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the film series. The room was filled with publicists all trying to coordinate the long list of talent and the media.

Because the actors often spend an entire day doing interviews, one of the jobs of the publicists is to make sure the talent gets what they want for lunch. That’s usually nothing more than having each actor fill out a form based on the hotel’s menu.

On this day, there was a little bit of a panic over who was going to leave the hotel to get Pattinson’s lunch.

Pattinson’s always been a easy-going interview and there haven’t been a lot of stories about him being a prima donna. That’s why it seemed so weird that someone was going to have to leave the hotel to get his special meal. What was it? Hummingbird eggs served on a slice of toast made from wheat that only grows in George Clooney’s backyard?

Then I heard one publicist says, “I need someone to make a run to In-N-Out.”

That’s what all the fuss was about. Pattinson’s become one of the biggest film stars working today and his idea of a special lunch is a hamburger from the fast food restaurant.

Maybe it’s the Brit in him that likes the burger. British chef Gordon Ramsay is also a fan of In-N-Out.