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New place to shop: The Vintage Market at 601

grand openingThe Vintage Market at 601 will hold an open house/grand opening with discounts and refreshments from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday.

The 6-month old shop in the Fig Garden neighborhood is part antique and home decor store, part art gallery. Seven vendors, including four local artists, sell their wares at the shop. They range from little ceramic bird knickknacks for under $10 to an ornately carved wooden trunk for $795. The artists sell original art, such as the giant portraits by Paul Parichan of Sanger.

The large store is arranged in rooms, from the “man room” with its masculine furnishings to a small bathroom-themed room featuring a collection of vintage linens. Even if you’re not in a position to buy, the shop is visual feast with plenty to look at. Keep scrolling for some pictures of what you’ll find at the shop.

Owner Jacquelyn Shore and another partner offer in-home design services, often working with pieces a customer already has, for $125 an hour. (If you remember the Impatience’s Collectique store in Clovis, that was Shore’s previous business.) You can read more about the store here.

There will be food and drinks — “some of which are adult,” Shore says — at the open house. The business is located at 601 W. Shaw Avenue, across the street and a little east of Fig Garden Village. Details: (559) 226-1899.

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New stores offer blingy, glitzy jewelry

If you’re not sick of shopping yet, there are a few new boutiques that opened recently that you might want to check out.

First, there’s Julia, a jewelry and accessories store that opened in River Park two weeks ago, next to Ann Taylor LOFT. This store was opened by the same people who run Julia Vogue, the jewelry and accessories shop across Blackstone Avenue.

As part of the change, the owners decided that Julia Vogue would carry mostly less-expensive costume jewelry and the new Julia in River Park would focus on designer jewelry.

The difference? Designer jewelry is a little higher-end than costume jewelry, and is often sterling
silver or gold plated, the owners say. The shop features fresh-water pearls and wearable works of art like the Jeff Lieb piece at left. There’s blingy Jimmy Crystal watches, chunky beaded cuff bracelets and blingy purses. Many items cost from $35 to $75.

Firefighters and kids: a winning combo


The scene: Chipotle in Fig Garden, the day after the 4th of July, with me corralling my visiting family into a brisk early lunch so they can get on the road back to the coast. We’re sitting at the big circular table, the one closest to where you order. My two nephews, 5 and 7, tackle quesadillas and watch people in line.

The nice guys: a big group of Fresno firefighters, in burly blue, on a break. They stand there, talking and joshing with each other, likely relieved that the hectic pace of the holiday has given way to a saner Monday.

The moment: one of the firefighters, noticing my nephews, interrupts his conversation, opens his wallet, takes out two shiny gold stickers and presents them to both boys.

The prize: My nephews eagerly peer at the stickers, which are identical gold badges that read: “JUNIOR FIREFIGHTER, City of Fresno Fire Department.”

The reaction: Pure delight. After lunch, the older one (pictured above), said, “The food here was just OK, but at least I got THIS,” clutching his sticker. (A future restaurant critic, that one.).

Awww. Thanks, fire people. You’re pretty cool.