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Mark your calendar: Holiday hijinks

Christmas event season is here. This weekend gives us a good start, with a few annual traditions: Christmas Tree Lane’s opening night and first walk night, the Clovis Christmas parade and Tubachristmas. Coming up, though, we’ve got a few holiday events that veer more toward the non-traditional crowd. If you you like Christmas bar hopping, made up “Seinfeld” holidays or ugly sweaters, then check out these three:

Watch Friday’s edition of The Bee for a full guide to Christmas events.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than waiting for a table at Yard House.

This weekend brings us a couple of new holiday-themed events that are a little different than the usual Christmas fare. It’s something I wrote about in my Bee column today. There’s the inaugural SantaCon Fresno happening Saturday with people dressed as Santas bar-hopping around the Tower District. Then there’s Fresno’s first-ever festival celebrating the “Seinfeld”-created holiday, Festivus, which is happening tonight at Fulton 55. It’s organized by the Dirty Dowdy Podcast and features local bands and comics as well as many of the Festivus traditions as outlined on “Seinfeld” — the Festivus pole, Airing of Grievances and so forth.


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