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Facebook photo of the day: Primetime TV debut edition

Actor Miles Gaston Villanueva made quite an impression during his years in Fresno State’s theater department — and it appears as if he’s soon to be noticed nationally as well:


He writes on Facebook:

My Primetime TV debut is coming to you NEXT WEEK! Believe it or not, my debut will come as a Double Feature: with BONES on Monday, April 14th, and NCIS on Tuesday, April 15th! Wild, eh??? I’m THRILLED to share these episodes with you, as I had the most thrilling, joyful, and unforgettable time on set with each team of creators. It was… INSPIRING! Please spread the word, check your local listings, and tune in!

My favorite performance by Villanueva: He made a terrific Officer Lockstock in Fresno State’s 2008 production of “Urinetown.”

Facebook photo of the day: parched


Bee environmental reporter Mark Grossi got this recent photo from a reader. Mark writes:

This is probably the most dramatic aerial I’ve seen at San Luis Reservoir: Water is sometimes near Hwy. 152. Usually it is down quite a bit in August, but not like this.

Meanwhile, Mark asks on the Bee’s newsroom blog:

A federal leader last week mentioned a study to raise San Luis Dam and expand the nearly empty San Luis Reservoir in western Merced County, raising eyebrows all around. Why study expansion of a reservoir holding 16% of its capacity? And why now?

Facebook post of the day: travel bug

There are lots of fun vacation photos on Facebook this time of year, but you have to be top of the class to get two images picked up by National Geographic Travel’s Instagram page. It helps if you’re a professional photographer/filmmaker such as Jes Therkelsen, a media studies professor at Fresno State. This beautiful shot is of London’s Eye :


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Facebook post of the day: a joyful doggie reunion

In the mood for a cheery dog story? This one is incredible. Scott Hancock, director of the upcoming “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at CenterStage Clovis Community Theatre, wrote yesterday:

In September of 2009, our backyard was broken into and our dear Zoe was taken. At 11:30 this morning we got a phone call that she had been found in good health in Turlock. The vet scanned her and contacted us (she is chipped.) After almost four years, our baby has rejoined our family.


I asked Hancock today what Zoe’s reaction was when she was reunited. He writes:

She totally recognized us, tail started to wag like crazy when Jason (my husband) picked her up. She is very clingy right now, understandably, but seems very glad to be back home. She has become literally a lapdog, just wants to cuddle. Took her to the vet this morning for a once over, a little dehydrated but that’s all. Just SO GLAD she is chipped.

Is that sweet or what?

Facebook post of the day


Don’t know why, but I think this photo is hilarious. Maybe you have to know local theater folks Max and Nicholle Debbas, who are having the time of their lives exploring Ecuador. Or maybe it’s just because that hat is so cool, and Nicholle’s expression is so, well, not into it. The Facebook caption from Max:

I call it “The Ecuador.” The ladies love it. #notheydont

He’s in Ecuador doing a video shoot for a non-profit called Equitable Trade. He writes: “Spent time in the rainforest right on the Amazon, in Coca, and now I am in Quayaquil.”

The question: Is he bringing that hat home?

Facebook post of the day

Did you see the hilarious paparazzi photo of Vince Vaughn at Disneyland being recognized by two shocked fans? Turns out the girls in the pic are from Clovis. They stopped by Channel 47 to chat with Zara Arboleda, who seized the opportunity to put a new spin on the photo.


From Arboleda’s story:

Jordan and Amy were walking through the park on Monday when they spotted the celebrity walking with his pregnant wife, and were so excited that they stopped and pointed at him. At that moment, a picture was snapped by a paparazzi and later posted on the Internet.

That photo has gone viral and is showing up on many websites: Huffington PostPerez HiltonNY Daily News,US Magazine and more.

It’s fun to be able to boast you crashed a photo of one of “The Wedding Crashers.”

Facebook post of the day: Fresno State theater dynasty edition

Aww, this is sweet: Tell me you can look at this photo and explanation from Fresno State theater professor J. Daniel Herring and not get just a little choked up:


Herring writes on Facebook:

The end of an era. The last McGee and Oliver siblings to graduate from the Theatre Arts Department at Fresno State. I feel honored to have directed and taught five of them — Carly Oliver, Kelsey Oliver, Dane Oliver, Matthew McGee and Aaron McGee. — with Aaron McGee and Dane Oliver.

OK, maybe part of my choking-up factor is realizing how much I’ve enjoyed the performances of all these siblings over the years. Here’s a salute to two tremendously talented families.

Facebook post of the day: Geese is the word


As Stefon on “Saturday Night Live” might say (and, by the way, word came today that Bill Hader is leaving “SNL”), this Bee story by Chief Waterfowl Correspondent George Hostetter has it all: Charming baby creatures in peril. Big bad bureaucracy. Anguished neighbors. The heartstring-tugging motif of sad little wading pools instead of a big, abundant lake. Plus, it’s hot. We all know what it’s like to stew in our Fresno juices.

The one thing this story does not have, as Kyle Lowe correctly points out on Facebook, is Ryan Gosling. Or his immediate relatives. We would not want to be known, after all, as the city that puts the (nearly) Sexiest Man Alive in imminent danger.

Facebook post of the day: the Disney edition

In honor of spring break, we can’t resist a Disneyland moment. Matt Sconce, one of the co-founders of the nifty Met Cinemas community membership model in Oakhurst, slipped out of town for a face-squeezing time on Splash Mountain. How’d he get his goatee to go that way?


Via Facebook, Sconce reported this week:

The Met is saved and over 3500 people have been watching movies! We have 2 digital theaters already, one more for Friday, and two last digital theaters coming the following week.

For more information on the Met, here’s the website.