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Electronic group AndDrop! plays the “Discovery Stage” at EDC

25153Pro tip: If you want to get some hometown press for your accomplishments, just tell your mom. I’ve said it before, proud parents make the best PR reps (at least with me).

So there’s the preface.
Here’s the story: AndDrop, a group of electronic DJ/producers (and Fresno natives) from Los Angeles, was chosen to play the Discovery Stage at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. The carnival, which takes place this weekend, is like an overgrown version of your local warehouse rave. It’s a three-day event that draws close to 300,000 people, making it the largest electronic music festival and dance music event in North America.

So, it’s pretty impressive if you can get on the bill. We emailed producer (and Fresno native) Harris Kauffman to get the full scoop on the group, the festival and the rise of EDM (electronic Dance Music).

First tell me about AndDrop! Who does what and how did you all come together?

AndDrop! is comprised of DJ Joe Wiseman (Washington, DC) and producers/brothers Harris and Sylvain Kauffman. Joe and I met in the dorms at UC Berkeley, and instantly bonded over a shared appreciation of hip-hop and dub reggae. All three of us were very interested in the rise of new wave electronic/dance music. Artists like Crookers, Jack Beats, and Wolfgang Gartner were driving the scene in 2008. Sylvain and I had been working on hip-hop instrumentals and Joe had been developing his skills on the tables when the three decided to combine forces under one name.

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Win tickets: Tiesto’s Club Life College Invasion

Tiesto brings his Club Life College Invasion Tour to the Save Mart Center.

I had a chance to see Tiesto at Coachella in 2010. I saw Major Lazer instead. So I missed finding out what’s with all the hype on this guy. In the EDM scene, he’s a big name and his Club Life College Invasion tour (in town on Wednesday) will no doubt be packed with fans–sweaty, pulsating fans.

Maybe you. We’ve got two pair of tickets for Beehive readers. All you need to do is tell us what’s your favorite genre (or subgenre) of EDM (also, what is EDM? Just kidding). Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email.

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

After you read my “farewell” column from today’s Bee.

Latin R & B group Tierra, 40-year vets of the music biz, are a perfect fit for this oldies-leaning town. Fresno music lovers should gobble up their Saturday night show at Fulton 55. Also: My favorite show poster of the week. [More]

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While starting down the “20 ways to be a better Fresnan” checklist.

Laid-back reggae/rockers The Expendables are playing what’s probably the biggest gig of the weekend, tonight at Fulton 55. If you like Slightly Stoopid, you’ll like them. We hear it’s closed to selling out. So don’t slack. [More]

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Tonight: Dance a ‘Moonlight Groove’

Looking to get out and dance on a Tuesday night? The Venue, the restaurant and hookah lounge where Twist used to be, has Moonlight Groove, a party organized by the Society of Dance Muzik.

What’s Society of Dance Muzik? It’s a group of EDM enthusiasts looking to unite the scene in Fresno. It used to hold private events, but has recently expanded into more public parties such as this weekly gig at The Venue.

For more about Society of Dance Muzik, check out this interview that Johnny Amparano of Society of Dance Muzik did with Lifestyle Brilliance. Here’s one quote to chew on:

So right now we’ve been all over Fresno preaching the dance music gospel from downtown to the east side to tower to the north side. Now we have found a home on the North side every Tuesday at The Venue. We bring legitimate artists and DJs for our crowd week in and week out and are always looking to collaborate.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than hoping Fresno State football can cover the spread.

Were this feature called “One Thing You Should Do This Weekend,” this would be it. Fuse Fest, or Fresno Urban Sound Experience, is our annual all-local music festival that acts as an all-you-can-eat buffet of local music of various genres. It’s tonight and Saturday, with a total of 40 acts playing on 10 stages, all in downtown Fresno. Tickets can be purchased for $15 per night or $20 for both, good for maximum stage hopping. For more about the festival, read this story from today’s Bee about its evolution, check out the band lineup/schedule, listen to my podcast, or Famous’ podcast, check out The Fresnan or hit up the Facebook page. If there were one weekend to get out and support the Fresno music scene, this is it. [More]


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