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Scoopy goes Over The Edge

1_1_overedgeUpdate: Happy to report Scoopy made it over the edge with no major snafus.

Now, regardless of what you might have read (or will read), it was Scoopy in that harness, not me. Of course, Scoopy doesn’t have his (its?) own blog (yet), so I reached out to get a feel for what the whole experience was like.

First off. Were you scared?

Scared that I was going to fall 15 floors and go splat on the ground like a … bee on a windshield? Like that kind of scared? No. There was no fear of death. But there is some anxiety that comes with dangling a hundred-plus feet in the air.

Is this the craziest thing you’ve done as a mascot?

Hmmm. My legal counsel advises me to answer that question in the affirmative. So, yes. Joking aside, yes.

What advice would you give to all those going over the edge at tomorrow’s event?

You’ll want to rush to get to the bottom. Don’t. Take the time to enjoy yourself up there. Look around. The architecture of the building is great.

So, there you go. Scoopy gives us … the Scoop (bad pun). Remember, tomorrow’s event starts at 8 a.m., and it sounds like there are still spots available. All the details can be found at the Downtown Partnership’s site.

Original post (10 a.m. May 31): Last year, The Downtown Fresno Partnership had an idea to install a holiday ice rink on the Fulton Mall. It was a novel ideal that worked out well. It drew more than 50,000 people the mall.

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Fres-Know: Our fake girlfriend is in great health, thanks for asking

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

In addition to getting dirty Рyou dirty, dirty Fresnans.

Tonight on the Fulton Mall: Ugly sweaters + ice skating + Carthop. It’s put on by FLYP’s Downtown Academy. I’ll even be out there DJing. [More]

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Mark your calendar: Holiday hijinks

Christmas event season is here. This weekend gives us a good start, with a few annual traditions: Christmas Tree Lane’s opening night and first walk night, the Clovis Christmas parade and Tubachristmas. Coming up, though, we’ve got a few holiday events that veer more toward the non-traditional crowd. If you you like Christmas bar hopping, made up “Seinfeld” holidays or ugly sweaters, then check out these three:

Watch Friday’s edition of The Bee for a full guide to Christmas events.